Your ‘masks in schools’ opinion depends on how bad you think school behaviour can be.

If you think schools are an oasis of calm sensible behaviour, masks seem fine.

If you think children are far more complex, you instantly see how masks will make them less safe THREAD 👇🏼1/4
SLTs under pressure to make right decisions for their intake. If you feel masks needed in corridors, then why not classrooms too?

How can pair work and group work be fine in classrooms but corridors need masks?

What I can’t bear is the dishonesty in this discussion. 2/4
Kids will lick and spit in each other’s masks, swap and ping them. Kids will be constantly touching their faces to readjust their masks.

Teachers must realise this! Are we in such denial of typical kid behaviour?

SLTs should create environments where teachers can teach! 3/4
Why is Michaela behaviour so good? Not because of detentions.

It is because we pre-empt behaviour with accurate precision. We create environments where they will not misbehave in the first place.

Masks are a Trojan horse. They make us feel better but they are the enemy. 4/4
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