1) Volunteer anti-looter security in Kenosha, WI are chased by angry mob. One rifleman trips, mob attacks, he shoots several, then regains his feet and walks toward responding police. Eight other shots were not from him - likely from his companion(s). Looks like self defense. https://twitter.com/BGOnTheScene/status/1298502384654651392
2) Why is it self defense?

1. He's running away, as they chase, yelling "get his ass!"
2. He doesn't fire until he trips and they attack.
3. Disparity of force. Multiple opponents. If he hadn't fired, they would have shot him with his own gun or beat him to death.
3) He's obviously NOT an "active shooter" mass-murderer or he would have shot more of them. He only fired at those attacking him & stopped shooting as soon as they stopped, with one backing away, hands in the air, & rifleman did not shoot him. Then he continued to flee.
4) He runs/walks toward responding police, with hands up, while glancing over his shoulder to see if his attackers were pursuing him again. The man was obviously in fear for his life, and was not in a rage. He remained as calm as you can be under those circumstances.
5) Allegedly he was involved in an earlier shooting at or near a car dealership parking lot. It's still not clear what happened there. Several observers say a man charged him. Safety tip: do NOT charge at armed men, especially when you are in a mob with armed Antifa/BLM.
6) When you attack an armed man, there is guaranteed to be at least one gun in the fight (his). He cannot let you take his weapon. When he knows you have armed Antifa/BLM terrorist buddies nearby, he will be even more motivated to do what he has to do to retain his weapon.
7) And when he knows that an old man was beaten within an inch of his life earlier that same day by looters and arsonists, don't be surprised if he is disinclined to just take a beating from you and your rioting/looting/burning pals.
8). Rioting, looting, burning, & beating old men is all "fun & games" (if you are Antifa/BLM) till it suddenly isn't. It got real in Kenosha, WI last night.

I hope this young man has a good attorney. I believe he has a strong claim of self defense - if he gets a fair trial
He needs to seek a change of venue, at the least, so he is more likely to get a fair trial - presuming he is even charged. He may not be. All depends on the investigation and whether the local prosecutor is NOT a political hack. Say a prayer for him. @StewartRhodesOK
For the record, I am not happy that people were shot. I consider them "useful idiots' being used by Marxists who brainwashed them into thinking they are fighting some "revolution against oppression" when all they are really doing is attacking innocent people.
The Governor of Wisconsin created this situation when he failed to fully deploy the National Guard to restore peace to the streets of Kenosha. So other men, with a conscience and a conviction to defend others, stepped up. Hat's off to them. @StewartRhodesOK
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