Music and Hinduism-

Unlike some religions which ban music, Hinduism always promoted it reason being that our Rishis recognized the effectiveness of Music in altering human emotions.

Straight from Saam Veda which was sung by Sages in many different ways
Sāma Gāna was singing of Sāma veda

One type of it was Udgitha Gāna

Chhandogya Upnishad says-

ओम् इति एतद् अक्षरम् उद्गीथम् उपासीत्

Meaning that Aum is worshipped through Udgitha.
These days we people sing Bhajans, people then used to Sing Sāma matras, but unlike Bhajans Ved mantras when sung takes a person to a much higher spiritual level.

Image- The different methods of Sunging if Sāma Veda
Later Bharatmuni worked on Natyashastra where he explained music in detail, musical instruments and their categorization was done by him.

Here in Natyashastra Bharatmuni has explained that there are 4 types of Musical instruments

Stringed, percussion, cymbal and hollow
Music takes us to a higher spiritual level, and when this music is combined with divine mantras of Vedas the effect it produces cannot be explained in words.

May we revive our ancient glory.
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