Tonight @SamParkerSenate highlighted the Twitter reference (to a thread) that resulted in Mary Ann Mendoza being eliminated from the Republican National Convention for antisemitism.

This is the thread. 
For the sake of convenience I will assume that she did indeed link to this thread. I don’t have the original Tweet.
Sam’s question relates to the purported antisemitic nature of the thread as opposed to another narrative the media could spin, such as that it’s racist, or that it “exposes white privilege.”
The implicit question is why the media chooses to smear people with the charge of antisemitism. And why that charge is so loaded and so effective that it neutralizes otherwise important dialogue.
This is a point that I agree with Sam about. We are all familiar with the way that the ADL for example politicizes its role as the policeman of antisemitism and serves the left.
We are all also familiar with the way that President Trump is painted as someone who emboldens white nationalists (eg that he is Hitlerian) and how this charge of Nazism has been weaponized.
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