I'm trying to keep my emotions under control, but I'm incredibly frustrated

My grandmother has been stuck in her apartment in an elderly community since March

She's more depressed than I ever imagined she could be

She says often that she's going to die before this ends
My mom hasn't been able to visit since March b/c the community policy won't let her

Grandma hasn't seen her friends, isn't allowed to do her volunteer work, has been utter isolated

All these policies in place to keep COVID from hitting the community

And it still didn't work
This week COVID hit her elder care community, 36 employees and 44 patients tested positive

That's a tragedy and we're all deeply saddened, but also what the hell?

The *point* of these policies is to make exactly this thing *not* happen
They haven't relaxed any of their policies, they are all still in place. All the loneliness, the confinement, the limitations, everything is still there.

It just didn't work.

And when it's over? Will they relax anything?

Of course not. This will go on and on.
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