Gather 'Round!!! #KRantsAfterDark on the #GOPConvention Continues w/ Night 2's Hits & Misses. I will be doing 3 of each instead of 5 this time. If you want to read the thread later, you're welcome to do so... Let's do this!!
Hit 1 - Agriculture. Throughout the #DemConvention there was virtually ANY focus on policy & the @GOP noticed that very much so what I have liked about the #GOPConvention so far has been heavy focus on policy. One of the key concentrations on Night 2 was farming & fishing. 👍💥
Hit 1 (ctd): In 2016, @TheDemocrats lost the Heartland & greater Midwestern States bc it has been a Party that has lacked concentration & focus on the topic of Agriculture. When I work in the #PeoplesParty, this is going to be big for me bc agricultural issues impact Black Ppl.
Hit 1 (ctd): I was intrigued by the stories of the rancher, fisherman, & dairy farmer that claimed to have had to "deal w/ environmental extremists." I didn't buy that part exactly bc it felt "GOP scripted" but I understood where they were coming from as citizens. #RNC2020
Hit 2 - Pro-Life. This is the topic that often unifies, mobilizes, & organizes the @GOP's main Base. I'll talk about the GOP Base at the end of Night 4 after the #GOPConvention is over but usually, this is eaten up by them. Abortion is a polarizing topic but it's also emotional.
Hit 2 (ctd): At the #DemConvention, the tokenizing of children is w/ topics like education & immigration. At the #GOPConvention, the tokenizing of children is also via topics like education but also "the unborn," & chronic illness. The GOP Base is indeed similar to @TheDemocrats.
Hit 2 (ctd): Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion was a topic that I expected to see covered at the #GOPConvention but was not sure was going to be focused on. Well, they are doing better after 2 Nights on giving their Base the 🥩 & 🥔 of the Party they have always been since "the switch."
Hit 3 (Final One): Naturalization Ceremony. I can't EVEN recall seeing 1 of these happen @ a #Democrat or #Republican Convention in my entire voting life in the least. If it has happened b4, I'm fine w/ being corrected but I thought that was nice. I've worked reg for one b4.
Hit 3 (ctd): Naturalization ceremonies would've been something that I would've thought would be done at a #DemConvention since @TheDemocrats claim to be "the Party of Pro-Immigration." So either the #Republicans are softening their stance on immigration or the Dems are losing.
Hit 3 (Final One ctd.): Either way, @TheDemocrats have less they can argue the @GOP about on immigration. The disagreement is mainly on the process & how open borders can or should be w/out overwhelming the nation in regards to supportive governance w/ elements of security.
So those are the Hits from Night 2 of the #GOPConvention. I had more but didn't want this rant/thread being longer than Night 1. So onto the Misses from Night 2...
Miss 1 - Nick Sandmann. If you are not familiar w/ the "MAGA Hat & Covington High School" Incident Story, please take the time to Google. It's not favorable to Nick. Not at all. I've seen the videos, saw his interviews, etc. He lied hard in his speech. Extremely. #GOPConvention
Miss 1 (ctd): Of course, the notion that Nick Sandmann was even going to have a speaking slot at the #GOPConvention had already spoke volumes but for the @GOP to have gone along w/ it proved that the Party is Pro-Racism instead of "Anti-Racism" like it has claimed for 2 Nights.
Miss 1 (ctd): Nick Sandmann was NO "victim." He was the ring leader in the group taunting & ridiculing Nathan Phillips who was using Indigenous ritual to help bring peace to that situation btw the Covington HS boys & the Black Hebrew Israelites that had escalated. #RNC2020
Miss 1 (ctd): Ironically, Covington High School is a... Catholic school... located in...that interesting state of... Kentucky. It has now replaced Mississippi as thee worst state in the nation. Poisonous thorn in the side of the United States. No wonder we suck so bad. #RNC2020
Miss 2 - Guess who's next? @DanielCameronAG. That's right. Thee main reason that the killer cops in #BreonnaTaylor's case have not been all fired, arrested, & indicted. When I say that Black People can be racist, I see the evidence in ones like him. Anti-Black at core. Message:
Miss 2 (ctd): If the @GOP via @GOPChairwoman really thought that putting proven racists on the speaker list of the #GOPConvention was going to "help them uptick on acquiring more Black votes than the 13-17% they got back in 2016," they need to think again. Huge dropped ball.
Miss 3 (Final One): Coding. The @GOP seems to somehow think that rolling w/ this entirely fabricated storyline of there being a "radical left" let alone a "takeover agenda led by AOC & Bernie Sanders" is really making the #RepublicanParty look like it needs a straight jacket.
Miss 3 (Final One ctd.): No, @GOPChairwoman & @GOP... #JoeBiden & #KamalaHarris are like the Moderates that you all kicked out of the #RepublicanParty beginning in 2010 who was replaced by Tea Partiers. These 2 are like the Reagan Era "Blue Dog Democrats" that y'all revere now.
Miss 3 (ctd): As for AOC & Bernie, I view them as "mainstream odd kids" of the #DemocraticParty. "The Squad" is an illusion in the since that they seem like the "misfits" trying hard to find ways to "fit in." I have a lot of reasons why I have been concerned about this "Squad."
Miss 3 (ctd): I'm surprised that the @GOP & @GOPChairwoman missed the real narratives of the #DemocraticParty they could have used. 1) @TheDemocrats are NOT unified. 2) The #Democrats are fake opposition. 3) The #Democrats are all about elections over policy. That's it. #RNC2020
Miss 3 (ctd): This "cancel culture" coding shit that @GOP & @GOPChairwoman has threaded throughout this #GOPConvention is 🥱 & played out. Doesn't make "the #Republicans seem hip or fresh" just dated. I mean, the @TheDemocrats are running weak ass #JoeBiden & #KamalaHarris.
Miss 3 (ctd): They could be beaten easily but you, @GOP & @GOPChairwoman, decided to make it hard. This #BidenHarris ticket is like John Kerry 2004. Going after AOC & Bernie is what losers do. It's what paranoid ppl do. This Democratic Prez/VP ticket sucks that bad. #RNC2020
Sooo... In conclusion, as Night 3 of the #GOPConvention is on deck, the @GOP cannot afford to drop anymore balls. These 2 first nights had pros & cons but the cons from Night 2 were heavy misses. I'm not even sure if the Republican Party Base is pleased. The #MAGA crowd may be.
That's all I got on Night 2 of the #GOPConvention & all I can say in final word is that @ least I know more about who the @GOP is in 2 nights than I got in learning about @TheDemocrats all 4 Nights of the #DemConvention. The #Democrats have an identity crisis that needs surgery.
Hope you readers of this thread got something to carry on with. Now, I return back to my regular Twitter activities. #GOPConvention2020
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