New commentary thread. The subject: ''Africa Addio'', a 1966 mondo documentary by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, two Italian film directors who pioneered the genre. The genre is named after the Italian word for ''world'', but this is basically a shockumentary.
The movie was released as ''Farewell Africa'' in the United Kingdom, a direct translation of the title. The title used for the United States release was ''Africa: Blood and Guts''. Americans like their blaxploitation to be like a Michael Bay movie, even in titles and posters.
This is the poster used tor the U.S. release. One of these movie advertisements is misleading. Can you guess which one?
Here's a hint: It's not the text in orange, despite movie scenes being unable to spit in your eye.
A long time ago on a continent far, far away....

The narrator makes some comparisons to America, but can Africa's rise from the ashes reach such soaring heights? Let's find out!
African-Americans brag about building America as an enslaved minority. Building Wakanda on their own land should be a walk in the park. They have even more land, plenty of resources, and no pesky systemic raycism.
The decolonization of Kenya is brought to you by British Petroleum. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.
There is a large parade in one city. The star of the show is the continent's holy bird: the chicken.
This scene was filmed in Tanganyika (modern mainland Tanzania). There's a farewell ceremony at the departing governor's palace and there are lots of bougie Africans in attendance.
As the governor's boat departs, the narrator drops some truth bombs. Europoors have abandoned the continent when it needed them the most. Fortunately, the United States has a surplus of seasoned nation builders to send there with a one-way ticket. The Repatriations Project 2020
Why should they hand over the guns anyway? If first-generation American politicians of partial African descent can opine about gun rights and what Americans really are, these guys are ancient aliens in comparison. I hear boat trips to Lake Victoria are amazing.
Cancel culture, 1960s Africa edition. Food imports from the remaining colonies in Africa are not halal. A group of demonstrators organizes an ovicide of Portuguese exports.
And then, they came for the oranges from South Africa.
Tired: rivers of blood.
Wired: rivers of beer!
''Popular enthusiasm'' for the upcoming elections is getting out of hand folks. Just look at this polling place. The police are completely swarmed with voters. What's the rush?
They're not elbowing each other for those ''I voted'' stickers. The political parties have promised gibs to their voters. The gibs consist of land, livestock, houses and cars seized from the whites who chose to remain. They should have chosen Whixit instead of this pecking order.
The setting for the next segment is this rustic villa, home to some affluent white family.
Chillaxing one more time before the BIPOCs seize the estate. @HarmlessYardDog's grandfather makes a cameo appearance in one shot.
This area was transformed to resemble the Scottish countryside. In the end, the ancient African dirt turned out to be nonmagical after all. It didn't turn Scots into Africans. Scots recreated Scotland. Peoples are not ideas. Peoples are not interchangeable. Example 946871676
They even have fox hunts, or better yet ''faux hunts''! They don't have any actual foxes so they use some black guy carrying a fox scented object instead lmao.
Some courtroom drama is next. This is a trial for insurrectionists who committed crimes during the Mau Mau Uprising.
This guy is sentenced to 40 years in prison. This is the next defendant. What did this guy do?
But wait! There's more!
This body count has no brakes.
The farmer was a chevalier to the very end.
Crime scene photos. The farmer's wife and daughters were beheaded and dismembered.
The farmer's own death was brutal as well. The defendant is sentenced to forced labour for life.
The next defendant is this guy. Ufff, the introduction alone tells us we are in for a world of anger.
They never miss.
The mother and kids were cut to pieces. This guy is sentenced to life imprisonment.
The next defendant is yet another violent thug with a colorful history. Many such cases! This guy was a self-proclaimed general.
This guy's group is accused of animal torture and cannibalism. It feels like every defendant is slightly more insidious than the previous one.
This is some of their work. The baboons had maggots in their nostrils and the injured cows had to be put down but this is a family-friendly account so I'm not posting those parts! This guy is sentenced to hard labour for life.
🎶But in the end
It doesn't even matter🎶

They are given amnesty and proclaimed national heroes.

Tired: expropriation without compensation.
Wired: monstrous murders without jail time!
They get the best of both worlds though. Real estate is part of the gibs package. Meanwhile, Kenya is losing diversity to emigration. How will they make haggis without the Scots?
The farms are being sold dirt cheap. Indians are sometimes hired to be in charge of yard auctions. They have some spare time before they're themselves ethnically cleansed from places like Uganda and Zanzibar.
The family doesn't look pleased.
African customers are quite enthusiastic about the purchase. The guy with the music box is completely enchanted.
The new owners of seized houses start bulldozing the gardens. Let's see what kind of gardens Africans like.
Crikey, they're even blowing up and bulldozing the trees, including what seems to be native vegetation. The colonists transformed this area into a green oasis. The Africans admired it, desired it, and finally seized it. But can they, as a sage once asked, build or maintain it? The photos of the exterior suggest otherwise. Let's see if the interior is better.
The jury is in, and the answer is a unanimous and resounding No! This villa is now practically a squatting area. They've dismantled some wooden boards for firewood, the living room doubles as a chicken coop and they apparently have a designated shitting bathtub.
Land reform is a resounding neoliberal success. Instead of having some white village of about 150 people in the highlands, now they have 10.000 blacks there. Density good 🤓👍 Productivity and transport efficiency must be off the charts.
Agrarian reforms have hit a wall, but I'm sure it'll work out in the long run. Indigenous knowledge of agriculture isn't constrained with the trappings of social constructivism, they'll feed the planet in no time.
Even the dead know no rest. With nothing else left to expropriate, the new authorities are milking the situation to the last drop. These graves are being exhumed. This guy gave his life for this land and this is his reward.
This Johnson guy was an eminent horse breeder. He was killed by the Mau Mau insurrections. Where do white landowners in Africa rank on the lists of most dangerous occupations? Anyway, his stables are now completely destitute and his remains are being deported.
His sons released the horses before transferring the possesions of the stables. The new owners are manifestly useless and a mob of Africans wants to capture the horses.
The horses, just like Huites, don't like vibrancy at all! Horse flight is in full swing but vibrancy follows as usual. Horses are noble animals and refuse to be around lesser creatures. These are the narrator's thoughts lmao. Horse Right 🐎
Horses are racist. You heard it here first folks. This feels like an untapped gold mine for Woke discourse. Has anyone whined yet why there aren't many black equestrians in the Summer Olympics? Or black equestrians in general? In case someone asks, we have the answer. 💅🏿
OK, these horse analogies are getting weirder.
The next scene introduces the Boers. I don't know much about them, but the way they're described here is like the introduction to some epic saga. Some TLDR or TLDW recommendations about the Boers would be highly appreciated. This has piqued my interest.
While the English chose to return to Europe in large numbers, these people are resolute in their decision to stay.
Yeah, their story is definitely framed in terms an epic saga would. There should be an anime adaptation of these people's collective story.
Boer Trail: A young princess leads her people to the promised land.
These final shots from this segment remind of ancient Greek vases. @JoeTM_SA
Poachers are using the haphazard transition to their own advantage. This segment starts with a zebra hunt. Just like their prey, the predators here are both black and white.
The poachers act with impunity. This group wants to capture baby elephants.
The tactic is to lure the mother away from the baby in a chase she'll never win. This exhausts the mother and isolates the baby. A baby elephant cost around 3.000 dollars back then. However, roughly 1 in 10 survived without their mother's milk.
Ridin with Biden
An African hunt party in the 1960s. In the absence of land rovers, helicopters, and guns, huge numbers and spears do the job.
Yeesh, this segment is really bloody.

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Spear Works.

Spear chucking and blood galore. By the time they killed it, one hippopotamus had more holes than a pin cushion.
We are introduced to an environmentalist organization dedicated to preserving as much wildlife as they can during this chaotic period. Their headquarters look really cool, I like the World War II naval base aesthetic.
The organization is using these balloon traps to catch crocodiles. They want to transport them to a different area since this one is infested with poachers.
This group treats injured elephants.
Surprise elephant anal fisting.
This group catches some poachers in flagrante delicto.
After a full year of complete anarchy in national parks and some political instability, the governments of several African countries request the return of English troops.
Anglos quickly reestablish order. Time for damage assessment.
This is their ivory stash.
The poachers also use elephant tails to make necklaces and bracelets and sell them to tourists. The police confiscate 82 tons of elephant tusks. The last picture looks like a mass grave.
The narrator provides some extra context.
Skins from various animals.
I wasn't aware that there's an African adaptation of Bambi.
Circle of Life.
Next stop: Zanzibar. However, they do not receive permission to land. They try to land on an old airstrip anyway. A group of German journalists tries to do the same. What are they doing here anyway? Is there a Freddie Mercury concert in town?
It turns out there's genocide in town and they're just in time to witness it. It's a snuff movie night in Zanzibar.
A Russian backed revolutionary led the overthrow of the Sultanate of Zanzibar. That was the night before. Today is the main event. The man wants to massacre the entire Arab population of Zanzibar. ''Arab'' is used loosely here because it includes African converts to Islam.
The Italian filmmakers and German journalists are the only outsider groups to successfully reach Zanzibar apparently.
The Genocide Gang apprehends the German journalists and burns their airplane. The filmmakers avoid a similar fate.
Don't worry, the journalists are fine. Genociders avoid a PR disaster. The filmmakers return the following day with a helicopter and a red flag to confuse the death squads. They fall for it hook, line and sinker. PG warning for the next part.
The rebel leader procured about 850 guns. The rebels aren't good at using them though, which is good for the camera crew. Still, they managed to kill about 5.000 Arabs in one night. How to change demographics quickly with one simple trick - ''It's open hunting season for Arabs''
The agitprop relies on the history of the Arab slave trade. This grudge covers a millennium, give or take. American slavery was practically yesterday in comparison. They say that the funny zone has epic ethnic grudges, but no one can hold a candle to blacks in this department.
Here are the first scenes of carnage. Torched villages, cadavers everywhere, and trucks transporting them to mass graves. On that day, humanity received a grim reminder. Ofc, no lessons were learned, and humanity bends its collective ass to people like these to this day.
This scene is a death march. A column of people marches to slaughter.
These shots depict killing fields and murder pits. One of the killing fields is a Muslim cemetery, a location simultaneously convenient and ironic. The narrator compares the designated victims to ghosts. They are about to be anyway. Diversity wasn't Zanzibar's strength.
These shots depict mass graves. They haven't even reached full capacity.
We return to a previously visited location to discover that everyone's dead. The bodies have hit the flooooooor.
These villagers are desperately trying to escape by sea. The boats are stuck in the sand at low tide though. The narrator describes it as ''a hopeless run toward impossible salvation''. The situation is so dire, only Allah ex Machina can save them now.
These shots convey their desperation. Mothers carrying toddlers, adults carrying elders on their backs, pairs of people carrying troves. This is their Dunkirk.
The epilogue is Vae victis.
After that horror show in Zanzibar, we are treated to some eye bleach in the form of these shots from some national park.
Next stop: Mozambique, a Portuguese colony. This is some fortress from Vasco da Gama's time.
The control of the place is about to change hands. We witness a Eucharist.
Gorillas, I mean guerrillas who are set to inherit control are concealed by the morning fog just outside the walls. Spooky spooks. Meanwhile, in Angola, which is another Portuguese colony, things are more hectic.
Angolan rebels fall for the darndest of tricks smh
Narrator: ''This is the destiny of a people who wanted to ignore the color of skin.''

So this is what awaits Republicans, their grifter dickriders and many shitlibs when the indigenous population of the United States revolts against the colonists. Good to know.
Pay attention civic nationalists everywhere. Angola is not Portugal. Likewise, Portugal is not Angola. Senpai will never look your way. Senpai has his own racial/ethnic identity. Africans are not an idea. Neither are Americans. Your morality pets and pet voters will devour you.
Folks, I regret to inform you that the Bantus are at it again. This time we have the ethnic cleansing of the Watusi, which is a different name for the Tutsi. The Tutsi must secure the existence of their people and a future for Tutsi children.
The narrator notes that this conflict is racial in nature. What, someone better fetch an opinion writer for Areo to explain to them that they're just social constructs. The Chinese have been stirring some of the shit in Rwanda and Burundi.


The Bantu Gang is brutal. In just two months, they kill 18.000 Tutsis. They even chopped off hands from some of them. You can see their collection and chopping block below.
The plight of the Tutsis. Isn't it remarkable how history repeats itself? You can quickly kill enough people to fill a Necropolis and nobody will lift a finger. Even if they do, you still get mountains of corpses. A river of blood, corpses float down the Kagera River.
Locals organize to salvage the corpses. Their main concern here is keeping the river clean as it's a source of drinking water. The feeling of compassion is an alien concept here. The dismembered cadavers should have been the first red flag.
Some of the recovered bodies. A funerary pyre is constructed for them.
Tutsi exodus.

''A people of survivors who continue to flee toward the unknown''

Oh, there's more of surviving for you guys. See you in a few decades. Life is an endless struggle.
Another eye bleach in a national park segment.
I love this shot. It looks like a human face.
After a short commercial break, we return to our ''blood and guts'' segment. The English have left this area after having suppressed yet another insurrection, so this paradise is absolutely getting shafted.
Bambi, run!!!
Joe Biden joins the movie crew once more.
There's a meat market segment here where they cut up hippopotami and elephants but all the shots are too gross so I won't be posting any.
The park managers don't like decomposing cadavers on park premises. It's not a pleasant sight for the tourists. Blowing up cadavers is much quicker than letting vultures devour them. Some vultures are food blocked here.
Next stop: South Africa.
This place looks really nice. I wonder why this place stands out tall and shiny compared to other Wakandan outposts. What could the difference possibly be? 🤔 There's a strong demarcation line between discriminate life with order and confusion with indiscriminate death.
This scene was filmed in Cape Town. Apparently, the dirt here isn't any more magical than the one in Kenya. Having multiple different people in one country doesn't make them one nation after all.
Abandon modernity, return to tradition.
Some surfers. Cape Town Dreamin' 🎶
The narrator notes the uniqueness of the place.
It isn't African, but not quite European or American either.
It's also not a mirage. It's very real. At least it was until some dipshits pushed for equality.
A miraculous place. Too bad these beach paradises tend to attract nation wreckers in large numbers (Brazil, California etc.).
We've seen bishonen surfers and now it's time for some Cape Town Gurls. This segment has eye candy for everyone.
Baes on swings.
Hard to believe that this is from the same movie that films genocide in real-time huh
Thots on trampolines.
A jump scare of twerking Zulu girls quickly reminds us that this movie was filmed in Africa after all. Thanks for the warning film makers 🙄 The baboons with maggots and severed hands were less shocking than this spit in the eye.
This scene is from a movie set though. The women are actresses.
Their grandmothers witnessed wars between Zulus and Boers. The grandaughters are modern and academically educated Zulu maidens. They are fluent in English and receive union wages for imitating their ancestresses.
I guess they're taking a break. We are entertained by a Zulu band. The scene is quite funky, one wishes to join them and the dancers. The one thing they're undeniably good at.
Peep show moment.
So, when does the African-American female reach this realization?
Some insights from gynoir studies.
South African Intersectional Feminism™️
Are incessant black female opinion columnists spiritually white, or are incessant white female opinion columnists spiritually black?
She's pretty and she knows it. 💅🏿
The next scene is in Sudan. The government has enlisted the Legion of Decency to combat the pervasive boobage and skimpy undergarments.
They use a ''one size fits all'' approach.
What are these people looking at so intently?
Answer: They want to watch lions fornicate.
African lions, much like their human counterparts, are now pampered with gibs.
We're back in Tanganyika where a rebellion and kebabicide have taken place, much like in neighboring Zanzibar. Remember, these countries merged to create Tanzania. The morgues are chock full of corpses so some corpses are kept in the open where eager vultures browse the menu.
It's complete anarchy in the capital city of Dar es Salaam. Everyone's up in arms and strong anti-colonialist first president Julius Nyerere is nowhere in sight. Damn, that departing ceremony with the colonial governor was so vibrant and look at the place now.
The locals are resoundingly hostile to outsider journalists.
A crowd tries to hide the scene of a massacre but we get a glimpse of it. We also get another snuff movie moment when a crowd lynches a Muslim man by drowning him. Where are you off to Ahmed? In the end, diversity wasn't Tanganyika's strength.
A Crystal Night sort of moment. Mobs are looting and demolishing these businesses because the owners stand accused of exploiting the people. I'm not sure if the previous owners were white, but the current owners are compared to them in terms of behavior at the very least.
The crew rushes toward a town square. Three soldiers were killed and the police are lining Muslims up against a wall as a reprisal. Are we about to get another snuff movie moment?
I guess not. The authorities block the view and smash the windshield.
Woah, they barely make it out alive.
Our next stop is the crisis-ridden Democratic Republic of the Congo. This guy is the country's prime minister. Rebels and communists control 3/4 of the country. The prime minister promises to clean the house in three months. Dis gon b gud 😎🍿
Two months later, and Belgian mercenaries have already seized the rebel capital.
Simba, why??? We loved you. You were the chosen one. Why did you do this?

🦁: To test the limits of my abilities.
Assessment of casualties.
Simba ate some Europeans and Desis as well.
Some of the European and Congolese victims, including a European nun.
More shots of European victims. You can see the wires on one victim's hands.
Americans transport the survivors of the Stanleyville (today's Kisangani) massacre to Leopoldville (today's Kinshasa), the country's capital.
320 Belgian paratroopers vs. 7.000 Congolese rebels.
Objective: Save the civilians.
Time limit: 10 minutes.
Who will win?
Mission recap.
The United States Air Force helped with the evacuation. Five injured civilians succumb to their injuries later, including a woman who had been raped.
The governments of several African countries demand an apology from the U. S. for ''interfering in private Congolese affairs''. How about them eating some humble pie instead of relying on foreign governments and mercenaries to fix their internal affairs? The nerve of some people.
The next level is an aerial food and medicine supply of some rebel occupied mission near the border with Sudan. Imagine proselytizing your religion in Africa? It's easier to proselytize trans acceptance in a Muslim theocracy.
This is a maximum difficulty mission. The rebel forces occupying the area have 6.000 troops and they've threatened to wipe out this place should a helicopter or paratrooper land.
These packages tend to end up in rebel hands despite the efforts of the Congolese Armed Forces. The movie crew joins one mission on the ninth day of the operations.
However, nothing waits for them there. The rebels have destroyed the area completely.
Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Maria, gratia plena,
Maria, gratia plena,
Ave, Ave, Dominus,
Dominus tecum.

These are some of the Chads participating in efforts to suppress the rebels.

Like the Portuguese soldiers in Mozambique, this motley crew has some men of faith. One of them has a crucifix with a beer opener attached.

In a tender moment, one of them showcases his mulatto son. This struggle is clearly personal for him.
These mercenaries are mostly former residents of former colonies in Africa. This is a good opportunity to blast some Bantus. Where does one sign up?
Surprise butt shot.
I want to see a movie adaptation of these Avengers. Just 15 of them plucked about 400 rebels. Based.
Now, 40 of them will attempt to accomplish what 93.000 UN soldiers couldn't. The goal is to seize a town called Boende. The parrot is the chief strategist.
Luke Skywalker observes the sunset before the mission.
Han Solo and Chewbacca board their plane.
Oh wait, wrong movie. Sorry, back to our program.
Our two heroes are former Rhodesian pilots whose families were massacred by rebels from Angola. You'd think Africa's the size of Delaware smh. Superhero origin stories.
Godspeed Rhodesian Chads.
The mad lads have done it. The mission is saved. A priest hugs Sir Twenty of House Whitemen, the leader of the operation. The government of DR Congo sees a high return on investments.
Deracinated African woke diasporites BTFO.

Simba has declared that Jesus is white 💅🏿

Someone quickly tell this to the C of E
Tired: we're all red underneath.
Wired: we're all white underneath!
The rebels here really thought some magic potion would turn the lead bullets into water. 🤡

I guess this what they get when they blaspheme the White God. He would have turned those bullets into wine. No Valhalla for these berserkers, the narrator notes their pointless deaths.
This dead rebel receives a huge S in particular.
The mission is a resounding success. The mercenaries seize control of the town and the last jungle rats leave their hideouts.
The captured rebels are safe for now. The soldiers are kicking them around, but once the mercenaries leave town for other objectives, well... here's a hint:
🎶Celebrate good times, come on🎶
The ethic code of the guerillas is that to the victor go the spoils. Sorry, those are your own rules. You lost and now the winners get to take your cool stuff. 🤷‍♂️
Woah, look at this stash.
It's probably worth like 10 U.S. dollars though.
These funds were intended for the ''OK Plan'', an invasion of the U.S. led by 3.000 Congo rebels. ''America has been saved'' says the narrator. Oh you poor sweet summer child, their politicians enacted a law that enabled a slow-moving mass invasion around the same time.
The right to plunder is time-limited. Once they reach a high enough HDI, it'll be enshrined as an unspoken constitutional right like in the United States.
There's a serious legal debate about this stuff apparently. ''Why?'' indeed. This is a case for the Supreme Court of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They should find an ACLU lawyer willing to represent them pro bono.
Some deep legal debates here. The topic is criminal law.

Why should anyone investigate who ate one peasant's liver?

Why should there be a trial in order to sentence to execution a rebel who burned 27 children alive?

The second one is a good question, unironically.
More legal debates and an execution. I've lost track of snuff movie moments in this film tbh
''Try me, whyboi bish.''

Another snuff movie moment.

White mercenary learns life's small joys from African brothers in arms: extrajudicial killings.
We return to South Africa for the final segment. The lopsided racial demographics necessitate some, ahem, drastic measures.

The narrator drops some


These measures are fleeting recourses.

Racial and ethnic relations are the sword of Damocles.
We are introduced to Soweto, a large city reserved for blacks but looks like glorified ghetto suburbia. Apartheid prohibits whites from entering this place. Why would anyone want to visit? There's nothing worth seeing even if you take the residents out of the equation.
Whites have their own ''prison'', Johannesburg. The situation here is basically a 180-degree turn, blacks can't enter and that sort of stuff but this is an actual city lmao
The remaining contrasts. This prison looks lit tho
Two gilded cages...
What is the narrator even looking at? The script alone?
Damn, this cage really is gilded.

Narrator: ''The Boers discovered gold a hundred years ago. There's no question that the Boers also have a right to this wealth.''

Bruh, have you met any blx? I know it's a segregated country, but you've narrated a whole movie about them.
More magic dirt civnattery. We've seen this spiel play out in Kenya and Angola by now. The ''Arabs'' of Zanzibar didn't fare any better either. Embarrassing.
How many blacks does it require to produce one bar of gold? This sounds like the setup to a joke, but it's a question with a legit answer. And there's a version for whites as well.
Diverse country - the idealistic poppycock


Diverse country - the harsh reality
How to rig affirmative action programs in the U.S. -
1. Buy citizenship of some destitute hellhole in Africa
2. Check African-American on the admission form
3. Accuse anyone who questions you of racism
Another gold nugget among gold bars.
The Boers should have built a border wall.
Refugees from Congo, Sudan and Angola, those beautiful paradises we've seen in previous segments, are what made South Africa great. What generous nation builders.
A thousand points of light.
Even the mine is symbolic of segregation.
Tremors are felt in Johannesburg as a result of mining activities but no one seems to care.
I guess they're busy pumping that GDP and lounging at the stock exchange. Who cares if their descendants live in fear as a reviled minority, amirite? Bantu miners fatten up the wallets. The more the better. Foreign worker visas for those Sudanese, Angolan and Congolese refugees.
1 Timothy 6:9

Those who want to be rich, however, fall into temptation and become ensnared by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction.
1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. By craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.
Some contrasts between the surface and underground worlds as well as their residents.
''The great floor separating the two worlds is growing thinner and crumbling''


Can you feel it Mr. Krabs?


and this time with a Book of Revelation vibe.
We are introduced to this group of penguins. They were introduced to South Africa as a result of the end of the Ice Age. They are far away from their ancestral continent. Do you see the allegories here?
If you're struggling to connect the dots, here are some extra hints:

''they have for centuries been strangers in a strange land that is becoming more and more heated and hostile toward them''
The narrator's closing lines are an expression of hope that these restless waters will calm one day before a huge wave, bigger than the ones before, sweeps the penguins away forever.
My own sentiment for the closing narration is this shot from an earlier scene and some music:

Godspeed South African penguins! 🐧🐧🐧
This is the end of the thread.
Thoughts from one American featured in the comments section for the YouTube video.

I wonder if we'll be seeing an America Addio.
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