Trump holding a #naturalization ceremony at the white house is peak #TrumpChaos. the height of dishonesty & cynicism. so here, apropos of nothing, is a non-exhaustive list of just 10 #racist & #xenophobic policies Trump has directed at the #immigrants he claims to celebrate. 1/
literally created a "denaturalization task force" to go after what we are supposed to believe are legions of #immigrants who obtained #citizenship fraudulently. the creation of this USCIS vigilante group has created deep fear and uncertainty for thousands. 2/
masterminded not one, not two, but three versions of an insipid, racist #MuslimBan that banned #immigrants and their families from coming to the United States. 4/
slashed the number of #refugees that could be admitted into the U.S. from 110,000 to 50,000. this year, #Trump is expected to resettle only 18,000. a historic low. 5/
brought @USCIS to its knees, slowing the applications of thousands of green card holders and would-be voters. according to Boundless Immigration, these delays have "already left well over 100,000 future Americans in limbo." 8/
directly contributed to the harm, and even death, of #immigrant families & children who are now stranded in Mexico b/c of #MigrantProtectionProtocols & #metering, forced to trek through the desert or wade across the Rio Grande, jeopardizing their lives to seek #asylum. 9/
perhaps most insidious, #Trump has created an environment described by my clients as "terror." my clients report being afraid to send their kids to school, to go to the doctor, board a bus, or call the police when they are victims of crimes. this is the most damaging legacy. 10/
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