trump is doing reasonably ok in polls and approval ratings relative to the utter shitshow his presidency has been not bc he's magical "teflon don" or some shit, but bc 1) establishment democrats are fucking ghouls, and 2) billions upon billions pumped into propaganda
btw that doesn't include super PACs, which are spending untold amounts in propaganda. but liberals prefer to attribute it to the ignorance of trump supporters or his unique political talents rather than doing structural analysis or looking in the mirror to find the real culprits
add to that the fact that he has the most-watched cable news channel pumping out propaganda for him and an entire billionaire-funded conservative mediasphere that does the same, and things start to make a lot more sense
bernie/corbyn and the left in general don't have that, they're smeared by the entire establishment media and only had fringe online outlets backing them. the fact they accomplished as much as they did w/ such meager resources is a testament to how powerful social movements can be
see also this thread on how the political system is dominated by corporate interests, which helped trump win in 2016 and is sustaining his poll numbers and favorability this time around as well
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