Screw it, it's a Neopets rating thread!

rules -
base colors only, no altered designs

No alternate designs losely based off their species

mainly rated on their designs before the customization update (if after custom alters design will take note)
1. Acara

weird alien cat, for some reason the ears put me off 5/10
2. Aisha

The better alien cat in my opinion. Lore said they have cool psychic powers. Also comes with a neat collar 7/10
3. Blumaroo

Hekkin good Kangaroo, lil heart feet! Had a small land dedicated to just the species. Totally the best friend type, bouncy 7/10
4. Bori

A cool lookin armadillo guy! Don't know what else to say except I generally enjoy his design. Not a lot a lore to him tho 6.5/10
5. Bruce

Cute penguin dude! Round and slippery, I love the fact that he's got a bow for every outfit. Somehow these penguins are present in the icy lands and in the desert. Resilient! 7/10
6. Buzz

These guys I gotta grow on. I can see their appeal but they kinda not for me? I bet their buzz would terrify me 6/10
7. Chia

These guys were scribbled as a doodle at first and it shows. I appreciate their happiness but they weird me out. Also has favoritism with paintbrush colors and that's not cool. I can at least appreciate their happiness 4/10
8. Chomby

Solid stego! A round boy! I generally enjoy his past design and the fact he's dino rep! Feels very special to be a limited edition pet 8/10

I don't like what they did post custom, feels to sharp and jagged for a rounded creature and not a fan of the eyebrows 4/10
9. Cybunny

You know, I had one at one point but they never really grew on me. I know they a limited edition and all but for some reason something put me off. Maybe it's their forced smile. I do like their big ol open eyes more 5/10
10. Draik

You know, I always thought their original was over designed. So scraggly and it's hard to make out the body from afar 5/10

Post custom actually evened out the scaling of this rare fella. Would say feels more special to have em but the market crashed. Still solid 7/10
11. Elephante

I have no idea how they use their lil wings. I honestly can't tell if he's overdesigned or just right. Maybe just a better pose standing? I like the unique take on an elephant 6/10
12. Eyrie

Solid solid solid. Maybe not the most creative pets but a damn good design. I know, they're just a griffin but I would let them protect me with my life. 8/10
13. Flotsam

the poor man's Jetsam. Just because the existence of certain other pets this one always felt a bit cheap to me. Aquatic pets were never my strong fav but this one is actually one of the better ones 5.5/10
14. Gelert

When they call em whippen dogs they weren't kidding. I think they're neat lookin. I had a plush of a red one actually, the ears hurt a lot of you swing it hard enough. Ow! 6/10
15. Gnorbu

This is one of those pets with a cool backstory. Was made to be an april fools joke but then stuck around afterwards. I enjoy they didn't change up his design after 6.5/10
16. Grarrl

First off that name spelling is hard to remember. Secondly this is one of those uncreative but solid designs. Just a big ol T Rex. This is before they got anatomically correct however and has more of that Godzilla like stance. Eats anything your inventory 6.5/10
17. Grundo

Weird aliens man. There's a dark history for these guys that had to do with slavery. These guys are like, half weird and half cute. They have this weird feature where they as readily available as any pet but you have to go somewhere else. In the middle for me 5.5/10
YES YES YES! Hissi are a wonderful addition! Snake AND Wings? Wings occasionally used as hands??? The eyes are a sharp yellow and red, Everything about them is perfect to me 10/10

Customization focuses more on the hand aspect. Come on don't be shy, spread those wings! 8.5/10
19. Ixi

I'm extremely indifferent about em. Maybe I don't like their head shape that much? Maybe it's the top-heaviness of em? Not a huge fan 4/10
20. Jetsam

The richman's Flotsam. Basically a rare version of a Flotsam. Probably my fav aquatic pet, tho it's one of those that eats your inventory and that scares me a lil 7.5/10
21. Jubjub

Now this is someone who went through a lot of changes. Idk about the big focus on the feet on this guy? Overall design is simple but effective in a way 5.5/10
22. Kacheek

Ah yes, the unofficial mascot of Neopets at least to me. Heavy pikachu vibes with this guy. Though extremely effective, he gives off teddy bear vibes. There's no real favortism when it comes to pet popularity and I think he's pretty solid 8/10
23. Kau

You know I always argued with myself about the pronunciation. I always thought it was "Caw" but it's literally just "Cow". Honestly my fav out of the hoofed pets. There's someone on twitter that uses one as their pfp and it gives me hope 6.5/10
24. Kiko

I have no idea how these guys work? Do they float? Do they only swim? Are they psychic? Why do these guys have a whole lake to themselves? Why do they all have bandaids? I have this theory that Kikos and Jubjubs were once a single creature. Confusing 3/10
Now this one is a weird one. Overall I think the modern Koi is overdesigned yet I guess kinda cute? Not much going for him tho 4.5/10

Old Koi is edgy? Might have to do with aggressive fish, but he's gone soft over the years. Also just...weird...3/10
26. Korbat

I like him! He's like a witch's familiar you know? Lil bat devil thing going on. Simple but cute, honestly not much to say 7/10
27. Kougra

I'm mainly judging based on the design right before the customization update and I was there for the first overhaul. It was weird seeing this bulky tiger get a more kitten appearance to him. Tho he grew on me 7/10

Old design gets a 6.5/10 New design is a bit more fun
28. Krawk

Damn these guys for being so elusive. They honestly really cute with a solid design. Gives off Totodile vibes if he was mentally stable. There's a lot of expressiveness that goes into them and they really feel like a treasure 9/10
29. Kyrii

They put a lot of thought in this guy. Firstly they all allergic to apples as to hint to their picky nature. Something about him makes me think he's trying to scam me. Pretty creative design I like him a lot 9/10
30. Lenny

Yeah, I can see the cereal mascot vibes. Tho I like tall lanky birds so he's a goodie for me. Lore says that they're one of the most intelligent Neopets so a lot of professor and wizard roles for them. I agree 8.5/10
31. Lupe

Another one of those uncreative but solid designs. I'm sure not intended at the start but he gives me...basic fursona vibes? Kinda hard to not think of 7/10
32. Lutari

What. A. Shame. This guy is effectively retired due to only being available through a now defunct phone app...for flip phones. I really like his design! Everything about him seems friendly and he's an otter! 9/10 free the Lutari
33. Meerca

Remember when we all gathered in the neopets game room and played snake and thought it was the greatest thing ever? Well, he's the face of snake to me. Other than that I'd say he's pretty creative. Big ol sporingy tail 7.5/10
34. Moehog

Eeh, he's alright. Super happy fella tho. You know what he kinda grows on me a bit. You go lil happy guy 5.5/10
35. Mynci

He monky

Tho really I find him cute. Another simple but effective design 6/10
36. Nimmo

I always thought these guys were competing with Lennies in a battle of wits. They got this shaman mentor vibe about them and they frogs...psychic frogs 7/10
37. Orgrin

I forgot the story with these guys but I always found em weird. I really don't have much to say? They just look a bit spindly compared to other round pets 4/10
38. Peophin

No. I do not like them. I don't like the way they swim, I don't like the fact that they have realistic horse faces when everyone else is rounded. They look like the spirits of horses that drowned and now they're coming after me 2/10
39. Poogle

Now these guys are interesting. They have this cute but menacing vibe to them. Under that innocent smile is a set of sharp chompers ready to chew off anybody that crosses them. They don't eat inventory items tho and idk why they treated as racehorses 8/10
40. Pteri

I really like em! Small but fierce birds. I could imagine they'd scream very loud and actually put of a fight. Just very good! 7/10
41. Quiggle

How does it feel to be able to caress the back of your eyes? This guy is also like 80% mouth. Just a froggy 5.5/10
42. Ruki

Weird...I get they going for a mantis thing but the thought of tall Neopets scare me...esp tall bugs. Idk about the four legs part either. Something about him just...idk puts me off 4.5/10
43. Scorchio

I always thought he was the Charizard like. Nah I don't hate me tho, I have a bias for dragons. He's a big okay 6.5/10
44. Shoyru

Finally! I've been so excited to talk about him! He's so round, so smooth, so frikkin adorable! My bias is showing hard. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this design. Honestly peak dragon design 11/10
45. Skeith

Be me being 11 years old and saying "Eww they ugly :(" I have a more open mind about seemingly ugly designs tho. He's supposed to be a gluttonous dragon. The final neopet on this list that eats your items, he's...alright? Antagonistic 6/10
46. Techo

Oh look, another one of them simplistic yet effective designs! I keep pronouncing his name as "Techno". He's alright 6/10
47. Tonu

Honestly? Overdesigned. Kinda has the old Draik problem of too many thick lines. I guess custom update kinda helped but not by much honestly 4.5/10
48. Tuskaninny

I forgot that he's technically an aquatic pet. I actually really like him! I think I have a thing for roundness 7/10
49. Uni

You know in the MLP universe the Uni is the most powerful being. Kinda weird to think about. They basic but good, no complaints 6/10
50. Usul

They kind of the preppy girl of the group. They have this weird thing where they turn into horrific creatures when they get angry. Other than that they look very simple to me 6/10
51. Vandagyre

Now why haven't you seen this one? That's because it was released after a now defunct app called Petpet park. I never thought of it as a neopet at all and honestly really dislike the design 1/10 swap with the Lutari you reject mcdonalds early bird
52. Wocky

I'm gonna split this one. Original is fine, good cat 6/10

Customization adds way too much emphasis on the eyebrows and idk why it makes it more ugly for me it just does 3/10
53. the Xweetox? It's as if a Kyrii crossbred with an Eevee. I enjoy how earthy they are 7/10
54. Yurble

By all means I should enjoy the Yurble. They fuzzy they round and I share my birthday with em. But...try as I might I just can't bring myself to like them. I'm not sure I really know what it is... 4.5/10
55. Zafara

There's something mystical and nice about the Zafara. I like how overall slender they are and their long tails. They got the Neverending Story dragon style to them. Very good 9/10
And now that I'm officially finished with this thread I made an overall tier list
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