Shorter RNC intro video: "everything good about America we did, everything bad about the world, they did."
Rev. Urrabazo mentions Jacob Blake in her invocation.
Urrabazo mentions 2nd Corinthians

Me: "which is distinct from 2 Corinthians, which is Trump's favorite Bible passage."
And they segue to the Pledge of Alliegance, led by Leighanne Ball.
VP Lizer of the Navajo Nation up. Says that his people have never been invited to the American Dream, until President Trump came along and gave them the $8BN CARES package. No mention of Congress.
I'm really having trouble following Jon Ponder's story. It's like a classic Evangelical redemption arc but compressed beyond recognition.
Ponder keeps on talking about promises he made that he kept, but no detail on what those promises were.

Trump is now speaking at the White House, I think? I'm not sure. The RNC is blending live and recorded tape. Whichever, Trump is definitely on teleprompter.
Whoever wrote this speech went above and beyond to shove every Evangelical buzzword onto the teleprompter they could. It's live at the WH, BTW.
Apparently this is meant to counter his call for the death of the Central Park Five.

The guy on the right is the FBI agent who arrested Jon Ponder for bank robbery, and who now is saying what an amazing transformation Jon went through.

This is rolling off my back, but I know Chuck Coulson's Prison Ministries, and am familiar with this process.
(not from being in prison or joining it, thankfully)

AH, this is also a plug for LEOs who can change the world by working with people like Jon.


Donald Trump apparently helped pay for Rand Paul to go do eye surgery in Guatemala. It would have been better if Trump had only gotten him a 1-way ticket.
Rand Paul is so happy that Trump bought into his shitty idea for "association health plans."

Side note: absolutely no-one in the GOP screamed about the 1994 crime bill until Biden ran for President.
It's amazing that we have all of these people coming up and talking about how empathetic Donald Trump is, but we never see him be anything but either an absolute shit, or reluctantly reading nice words on a teleprompter. 🤔
Rand Paul closes with "let's rebuild America again, together."

Montage of workers, no mention of those who are now under/unemployed.
Also interesting is how we keep having to be reminded how Donald Trump understands workers, but we never see him understand a goddamn thing.
Jason Joyce, small business owner who didn't think Trump was conservative enough in 2016. Oh wow, Obama set aside lots of sea near Maine as a reserve, no commercial fishing. This guy says that lobstermen didn't fish there, but "it OFFENDED them," and Trump repealed it.
SUUUURE they're not fishing there now.

Chris Peterson, CFO of Four Cubs Farm.

A "small business" that can afford a "robotic milking system that lets cows milk themselves three times a day.
She claims that business was booming at her dairy farm up until COVID hit. Last I checked, the U.S. was paying major subsidies to agriculture because of the Trade War.
Little clip from the Latina sisters and others who were on last night, as well as a few other new faces.

@loui526 and I are ranting about how the businesses love these tax cuts, but these same tax cuts destroy the infrastructure and services that everybody needs.
tl;dr: of this montage: "TRUMP IS JOY, BIDEN WILL DESTROY US ALL."

Also "Trump is running America like a business."

Me: "Yeah, like a Trump business. Right into the fucking ground."
Larry "always wrong" Kudlow is on, and is always wrong.

He is claiming that Trump rebuilt the economy in three years.... did I mention that Larry Kudlow is always wrong?
Larry Kudlow is calling for booms everywhere and a V-shaped recovery. Guess he didn't see the consumer sentiment numbers today.

Larry Kudlow wants more tax cuts, especially capital gains tax cuts.
Continuing in the business people theme, John Peterson is up, and is claiming that Obama and Biden screwed up the recovery from the great recession. HE'S LYING COMPLETELY ABOUT THE BANKING REGULATIONS OF THAT TIME. BANKS WERE UNWILLING TO LEND, NOT PREVENTING IT.
Peterson is going with the "Marxist Joe Biden" meme.

Oh, now he's making it personal talking about Badgers and president Trump. I may not be from Wisconsin, but fuck that guy.
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