PLEASE DON’T @ A BUNCH OF REPUBLICANS ON THIS TWEET. I created as a tool for Resisters, not for the GOP. Thank you.

For ease, these are the Senate incumbent Republicans up for election and who is running against them.

AK - @DrAlGrossAK (Dan Sullivan - supported Kavannah)
AZ - @CaptMarkKelly (Martha McSally - fast for her)
AR - @DanWhitCongress (Tom Cotton - believes slavery was a “necessary evil.”)
CO - @Hickenlooper (Cory Gardner - all-round trump sycophant)
GA - @ossoff (David Perdue - decided to run anti-Semitic ads)
GA - @ReverendWarnock (Doug Collins - blocked impeachment witnesses; Kelly Loeffler - dumped stocks when she discovered COVID was coming)
ID - @electpaulette (Jim Risch - consistently silent when asked about trump’s policies)
IA - @greenfieldIowa (Joni Ernst - “says the quiet 3/
parts aloud”)
KS - @BarbaraBollier (Pat Roberts - believes women should be subservient to men)
KY @AmyMcGrathKY ( #MoscowMitch ‘nuf said)
ME - @SaraGideon (Susan Collins - did he learn his lesson?)
MS - @MikeEspyMS (Cindy Hyde-Smith - has publicly stated she believes in white 4/
MT - @stevebullockmt (Steve Daines - believes trump says “stupid stuff” but that it’s permissible) 4/
NE - @CJSenate2020 (Ben Sasse - blamed China for COVID)
NC - @CalforNC (Thom Tillis - stated that Hispanics are less likely to wear masks or social distance, completely
disregarding the fact that many are essential workers forced into public)
OK - @abbybroyles (Jim Inhofe - brought a snowball to the Senate to deny climate change)
SC - @harrisonjaime (Lady G/Leningrad Lindsey)
SD - @ahlers_dan (Mike Rounds - wow! The list is long with this
with this guy but... Dakota Pipeline is just one thing)
TN - @Bradshaw2020 (Bill Hagerty - 6/ resigned from a board when they announced they support BLM)
TX - @mjhegar (John Cornyn - works diligently to dismantle the ACA)
WV - @paulajean2020 (Shelley Moore Capito - has
participated in stonewalling a new stimulus bill)
WY - @MBenDavid2020 (Cynthia Lummis - supports the privatization of social security)

*Primary still outstanding: LA 8/
Incumbent Democrats running **most look in good shape but they can still use our support**
AL - @DougJonesHQ
DE - @ChrisCoons
IL - @SenatorDurbin
MA - @SenMarkey
MI - @SenGaryPeters
MN - @SenTinaSmith
NH - @SenatorShaheen
NJ - @SenBooker
NM - @benraylujan
OR - @SenJeffMerkley

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