"There will be times when supply from renewable electricity generators will be inadequate to meet demand & occasionally such periods will last many days & affect adjacent jurisdictions"

To the extent that this is true - it does not follow that we need more gas. https://twitter.com/smh/status/1298207349765799940
Lets say:
• "inadeqate" = 0 renewables
• "many days" = 5 days ?
• "adjacent jurisdictions" = whole NEM.

That would be about ~2.8 TWh per year of gas power generation. Last year we generated about 17TWh gas power in the NEM.
In petajoules: you'd need to burn about 30PJ to deliver that much electricity. We currently consumer:
• 150 PJ of gas for power generation.
• 190 PJ in residential and commercial sector (mainly for heating and cooling)
• 250 odd in industrial
• *1300* PJ for export.
To the extent that gas is needed (debatable) - the need for gas for the dunkelflaute (windless dark period - literally 'dark lull') is pretty thin justification for supporting the gas industry.

About 1.5% of current gas consumption for 5 days of full NEM load.
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