There was a request earlier for a thread of my landscape posters that have never sold. I've done 79 drawings, each available as natural or artistic colours. That's a *lot* to choose from!

So here we go. First up is the artistic version of the Bass Rock
Next we take a trip through Edinburgh, beginning with the artistically-coloured view of the National Monument, know in some parts as Edinburgh's Disgrace.
Staying in Edinburgh, apparently the natural colour version of the classic Esplanade view to Edinburgh Castle is also unsold. I had to double check this one.
And we're away from Auld Reekie now, to the blasted delights of Rannoch Moor. Obviously this is the artistic version. Hands up who's surprised that I've never sold this as a poster?
I like it, though. Of course I do. Why else would I have made it?
Heading a good deal further north on the A82, we come to the ruins of Urquhart Castle, on the banks of Loch Ness. Artistic version, obvs.
Clearly most of the posters that have never sold are the artistic versions. Which makes me a little sad, because for me those are the more interesting ones. Nevertheless, I'm happy anyone wants any version. Okay. Onwards.
Back down the A82, take a right onto the A87 and you come to a view of Loch Garry that, if you squint, looks a bit like the map of Scotland. Nice.
Let's keep heading south, to the dear green place, albeit it's the grey one this time that has never sold as a poster.
Hmm. If this was a road trip, you'd be doing serious damage if you the headed all the way back north again, to the very north west and the sea-tossed delights of Sandwood Bay.
Aye. A road trip from this thread would be madness, because we're all the way back to Glasgow's Riverside Museum now. This artistic version has never sold, while the natural one has sold one copy. Not a popular view. I really like the grey, though.
We stay in rain town, for this delightfully washed-out artistic view of Kelvingrove Museum. Nae sales here, man!
I'm getting a bit tired of typing the word 'artistic' at this point.
Let's head north and east now, just for a wee change. No one has chosen the turquiose seas around Dunnottarrrr Castle.
I haven't drawn too many places down in the southlands. Why did I choose St Ninian's Cave? Who can say? No artistic ones sold and just one of the natural ones. Perhaps I should retire this one.
Tum te tum. What's that? Oh, I'm just doing my bit to lower the grievance quote on this hellsite. Oh, I see you've scrolled on already! Ach well.
Ah. If I was playing attention I might have stayed in the north east for two in a row, but oooh no. Here we are at another ruined castle, this time it's Slains. Oooo! It's orange! YES! Natural 1 – Artistic 0. Again. Oh dear.
Damn. I really like the colours in the last one. That's not bad at all.
An island! Wow. Here's a Very Old Place, that was for some reason named by Walter Scott. Weird. Anyway, this is Jarlshof, near the southern end of Shetland.
Ah, it's MI5's Scottish HQ, at least according to the makers of James Bond films. I think, maybe, they got a bit mixed up on this one. Eilean Donan Castle! Warm summer colours!
From one castle to another, this time that big one right in the middle. It's Stirling Castle and no one has bought… wait… either version of it? Dearie me. I guess it really isn't as good as Edinburgh Castle. As we all knew.
This is the only train you'll find in my shop. (I feel this is true, more than know it.) There are no wizards are on this train, however. Glenfinnan Viaduct and the Jacobite train. That's a lot of uses of the word 'train'.
Dunfermline Abbey is the only thing I've drawn in Fife. Just by chance. Sorry Fife. Natural 1 – Artistic 0, once more. But look, it has BRUCE in the drawing.
It must be because I'm based in Edinburgh that my west coast drawings haven't sold well. It can't be because no one likes it over there. I mean, Ailsa Craig is cool! N1-A0, again. Tsk.
Iiiiiiit's CASTLE TIME! Is Craigievar still on some banknotes, or did I totally imagine that? Aye, I even changed the colour of the saltire in this one because I have no shame.
Good grief, have I really been doing this for an hour? Sake, man. I could've watched a whole episode of Lucifer by now.
Castle Stalker. Another unpopular castle, at least from sales in my shop. No sales and no knights here, even silly ones.
Aww, this delicate view of Stac Polliadh is on the posters that have never sold list as well.
I'd put that one on my wall. If I had space. Ah, yes, that old excuse. I've used it myself. In fact, I just did. Right there. Did you see?
Drawing the Stacks of Duncansby was a bit of a long shot that totally did not pay off. No sales of either version. Did you know Caithness is where the name Bremner originated? I've traced my family there, to the island of Stroma in the 18th century.
Since I mentioned an island just then, here's Staffa. If you squint again, you'll see Finnegan's Cave on the right.
Another island view, this time my second drawing of Skye. This view to the Black Cuillin is N1-A0. I guess its wintery charm was lost on everyone.
I like to try and draw views from all across Scotland. The ones I've drawn from south of Edinburgh have not proved popular, such as this never-selling view, known as, uh, Scott's View. That's Walter again and too many uses of 'view'.
From south to the far north and Orkney. Hoy is the second largest island and is the sight of a famous sea stack, once climbed by that nice man from Blue Peter.
Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet?

No. We're getting into the deepest unpopular ones now.
We stay on Orkney for the first of the never-sold lighthouses. There are many. Weird. This is N0-A1. What?! How?! My world has been rocked.
Over tae the Firth of Lorne next for a no-score draw. Nae wan has wantit the Lismore Light.
Why am I even doing this? Honestly? This seems like madness to me.
Wait, did I just quote The Jam there? Hmm. Well, back to the lighthouses of no want.
WTF? This one is also a N0-A1. (You've figured out what that means, aye?) (Okay, it's a long thread so maybe you've lost the, uh, thread by now. It means I've sold Natural version 0 – Artistic version 1.) Which is mad! It's madness, it tell you!!!!
It's possible I'm a bit sleep deficient. Can you tell?
I want to say this is Elephant Rock, but it was my friend whose dad was a lighthouse keeper that told me this and I'm not sure he is to be trusted. <looks sideways> Sanda Lighthouse this time and it has never ever ever sold.
From one never-sold lighthouse poster to another, sooth an doon the watter fae the last yin. Was this oneonce hit by an aeroplane? Perhaps I imagined this. I no longer am googling.
This one, however, I know is the mysterious lighthouse wherein the keepers were all lost on one dark and stormy night. No, seriously. This is a thing. I'm not making it up. The Flannan Isles Lighthouse. Go check. Back to the N1-A0 here.
We're back on Shetland now and just along the coast fae the last one. It's Sumburgh Head Lighthouse. A delicate green in the morning light.
Och now. No one wants a poster of Skerryvore? Why for no? I guess the east coast proves to be the better coast again, with sales of the Bell Rock Lighthouse poster a combined total of 72.
And now, it's back to CASTLE TIME! Caerlaverock was sacked a fair few times and is a ruin. Also has a moat and is a triangle because of course it is. Strong shape that, but no sales. Fail.
Another no-sales castle is Braemar. It's a bit sad looking, to be honest. FAIL!
This might be the longest and most pointless thread I've ever made. Imagine me waking to find it tomorrow and trying to figure out if I have the energy to delete it.
Oh. An island castle now. Such rare. Kisimul is on Barra. It's N1-A0. So not quite an art fail like the last two. Although that red… uh. Okay Bremner. Wait, even the saltire? Uh. Right.
Inverary Castle. Home to upper crust. Not a fan. And neither are you. Glad we can agree.
I drew McEwan Hall earlier this year, at the request of the Edinburgh Uni shop. So technically it may have sold, but in my shop it's another N0-A1 oddity.
Another very recent addition is this view of St Bernard's Well. I made this to sell at Stockbridge Market, just as we went into lockdown. Ah, 2020.
…and finally (joy unto the world!) is my most recent drawing, made during lockdown, of Edinburgh Castle from the Vennel. (Seriously, is that it's name?)
YES! I'm done with this silly thread of my commercial failures. Well… some of them. Obviously, if you're paying attention, you'll note that I have six ranges in my @indy_prints shop. But let's just leave it now.
Thanks for anyone who has joined me on this marathon voyage of unlikely colours and vintage styling. I hope it was a wee break from the hell of this place.
The colours in the artistic versions thoughout this thread are inspired by vintage travel posters. If you've spent any time looking at those, you'll notice that the artists who made them came up with some great and unlikely colour palettes. So my work is a homage to them.
PS. more recently, I went way off the rails (yep) on artistic versions.
PPS. this all began because last night I posted the top ten:
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