A 73 year old Italian born woman marries an young Indian Pilot Son of an Indian PM. She leaves her parental home and enters her in laws , and bears two children , starts living life of an Indian with a doting husband and 2 children , looking forward to decades of togetherness
, raising of children and managing a family !
At her 37 , barely into 16th year of her marriage, witnesses the horror of her mother in law being gunned down by her own guards at the same residence she lives with her family !
Watches helplessly as her husband ...
shoulders the very responsibility in exercise of which her mother in law laid down her life !
Lives through nightmare of her husband being targeted and framed with false charges of bribery, backstabbed by his own party men, and losing power !
Along with the lost power, the woman also sees her husband lose the security cover whole his life continued to be under severe threat !
Supports her husband in a battle to regain the lost power and cedes her husband, to the terrorists leaving behind 2 children in their teens
Spends next 7 years in oblivion with fear of losing her children now her only family to assassins and terrorists ! Refuses demand to get into politics and assume power , inspire of a majority win by her husband"s party after his death, refuses to be in politics
and takes care of her children !
After 7 years, finally unwillingly accepts the call of the members of her husband's party in dire streets and enters politics to serve nation as well as to bind the party to which her marital home and ancestors owe allegiance to !
in spite of hate, being labelled as foreigner, rebellion by her husband's past colleagues and ridicule for being a women and a foreign born , still bears the pain and spends next 6 years of her life fighting to revive her party and wins a general election for them
Faces hostility and sacrifices the PM chair in favour of a Gentleman PM and supports him for next 10 years to rewrite India's History and lift 150 million people from poverty !

Gets targeted abused as the Bar girl , Italian Bitch and suffers various insinuations for 10 years.
Accepts a propaganda driven attack on her personality full of abuses on her and her family with lot of unproven accusations, and takes back seat , again coming and saving party and nation wherever possible , at their call !
To date she continues to be abused for being born as
an Italian by the same society which celebrates when a half Indian or a one quarterth of an Indian is selected as a congresswoman or nominated as a running mate in POTUS elections !

Suffers silently as numerous opportunist colleagues turn turncoats and attack her
and her children and the family without any proven wrong !
Even with all these is being dragged at an age of 74 with an ailment needing medical care, into issues which bear no fault of hers

And silently suffers the pain of massive slander propaganda against her children !
Yet she never cries in public, never lays claim to her sacrifices or hardwork but only shows unconditional love and concern for the people of a country which she inhabited as her marital home !
This woman can only be Sonia Gandhi.

There can be only one Sonia Gandhi !
Respect 🙏
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