> Ankit Sharma family said smthn else to BBC & didn't blame Tahir bt later retracted under pressure 4m Hindu fringe groups n blamed Tahir

> Senior DP Official initially said on camera that Tahir was stuck in his locality n hd to be rescued upon his SOS but later retracted. 1/5 https://twitter.com/chetryjyotie/status/1298268901327872002
>Entire world has seen the behavior of Delhi Police during Jamia and Riots.
>Beating half dead ppl n askn 2 sing national anthem.
>Allowing rioters 4m majority to collect stones in their presence.
> Allowing Rambhakt Gopal & Kapil Gurjar 2 shoot in their presence...2/5
>This is the same Delhi Police which still hasn't arrested Komal Sharma n Ragini Tiwari despite her recorded hate videos at the time of riots.
> This is the same Delhi Court wch granted bail to shooter Kapil Gurjar bt denied bail multiple times to Pregnant student Safoora....3/5
>This is the same Home Ministry which control Delhi Police had transferred a Judge by night for lambasting Delhi Police 4 their incompetency n advising them to file FIR against BJP Leaders Kapil Mishra n Parvesh Verma. Not one Judge criticized this move of govt ...4/5
But yeah....lets conveniently forget all this and believe in the investigation of World Most Honest n Upright Delhi Police and remarks of most unbiased Delhi Court and pronounce Tahir Hussain guilty even before the verdict of court.🙏
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