I have repeatedly said MQM is no saint, it has managed to rule the city by votes and violence, but when people, & I mean every sane or insane minded, try to hide and blame Karachi's mess solely on MQM, it gets absurd. Here are some legit stats as to what happened in Karachi. 1/n
Stats for target killing from 1994-2013. I have always said that Musharafs, a dictator, tenure was the safest phase Karachi ever saw after its federal status was taken away by Ayub. 2008, PPP comes in and Boom, a staggering 125% increase in Killings. 2/n
It's quite evident what happened here. When the Home Ministers, Zulfiqar Mirza, says that the mass number of weapons distributed to members of Aman committee was not just for display, but for them to use it on opponents, the rising number of killings is what he meant. 3/n
A MONSTROUS 531% increase till 2012 since 2007, the last year of the dictator. 2013 saw a decrease of 25% after Raheel and NS intervened in this madness. Attached is the chart of political workers killed vs normal karachites 4/n
Blame MQM all you want, they are responsible for the mess in Karachi, but never forget what the 11 year rule of PPP has brought since 2008- present, massive killings, rising street crime and never-ending too, quotas, non-functional local bodies. I hope this helps you folks a bit
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