"This 'Scots'-writer isn't even using Scots words or phrasing. He's using English as a template!"

Introducing, Norwegian. The following sentences are identical in meaning:

Hun er ikke bevisst på om det var ekte kjærlighet.
Ho er ikkje medviten på om det var ekte kjærleik.
Some Norwegians use a Norwegian that is closer to Danish. Others use dialects that some people will consider "more Norwegian". But they are mutually intelligible. They share common roots. Conceptually, they are considered the same language.
People who mock Scots writers for writing a Scots that is too close to English need to understand that what they are effectively doing is taking part in a narrative that gatekeeps essentially what Scots is. There is no official Scots orthography or writing system.
Furthermore, the comments I've seen suggest that Scots belongs only to those who speak it as a first language. Well, if we are going to legitimise Scots as a language, it also need to be a language that can be learned and used by non-natives. They should be allowed to participate
I'm seeing some really ugly takes this evening that are incredibly judgmental and excluding. The Scots language renaissance is coming about when we need to frame the language as pluricentric, diverse and multidialectal. It is a resource, a rich cultural one. Not a monolith.
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