all of Harry Styles exes and the songs and lyrics written about them: A thread.
things that actually matter👇

Jake Blake was shot 7 times in the back by a Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer. He has undergone surgery, but his recovery is currently uncertain.

This won't stop with token gestures or a few million dollars cut here and there.
this is the pig who shot jake
Demand his arrest now!
Kenosha Police Department (262)656-1234
Kenosha City Attorney 262-653-4170
Kenosha Mayor/City Administration 262-653-4000 Wisconsin DOJ (608) 266-1221Demand officer Luke Courtier (goes by Reitruoc on social med
petitions to sign
official white house petition.
I'll add more as I find more, I wanted this to go on topic and reach wider audiences, sorry Taylor and Camille, please share this thread. SIGN THE DAMN PETITIONS, spread awareness.
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