mariah carey isn’t local (thread)
united world chart is a chart that combines songs’ popularity from most countries around the world except for some asian countries like china, this disadvantaged mariah because asia is an extremely strong market for her
mariah ranks 8th on the UWC most successful artists of all time, she ranks #4 in the usa... not the most globally successful but not anywhere near local
mariah has 28 top 10s on united world chart which is the same amount she has in the usa, she has ranks 7th for the most global top 10s while she ranks 8th in the usa... an improvement globally
europe is considered a weak market for more rnb artists like mariah... nevertheless mariah has sold 30m pure albums across europe, that ranks her #4 on the list of best selling western women in europe (albums wise) putting her behind celine dion, madonna and whitney houston
music box has sold 8.1m pure copies in europe making it one of the best selling albums ever there, it was the best selling album of its respective year in the region... spending numerous weeks at #1 in many countries (11 weeks at #1 in germany, 7 weeks at #1 in the uk etc)
without you was released as the 3rd single from music box, it went #1 in almost every european territory for many weeks and became the biggest hit by a woman of the year globally despite peaking #3 in the usa, it ranks in the top 100 of all time hits globally according to uwc
mariah is the best selling western artist of all time in asia, she was one of the first western artists to break asian markets, she has sold 31m pure albums across asia
mariah’s greatest hits album “#1’s” sold 1m copies first week in japan, it is the best selling album ever by a foreign artist in japan and malaysia
music box is the 26th best selling album ever globally but only #87 in the usa, it did better globally than it did in the usa
daydream is the 50th best selling album ever globally but isn’t in the top 100 in the USA
her self titled debut is also the 93rd best selling album ever globally
her 2009 cover of “i want to know what love is” spent 27 weeks at #1 in brazil making it the longest running #1 there
mariah has 84 global #1’s, she and madonna are the only older artists to be on this list since most official charts that are around today didn’t exist back then
lastly, 48% of mariah’s sales came from usa... that’s a better ratio compared to many artists and means over half of mariah’s sales came from (smaller) global markets
e=mc2 debuted with 617k globally and teom sold 7.7m pure in its first 8 months
furthermore, mariah has had the biggest song of the year internationally by a woman 3 times (according to uwc) ... she has only achieved that twice in the USA... once again an improvement globally

1994 - without you
1995 - fantasy
2005 - we belong together
fantasy finished #7 on the USA year end chart but #5 on the global year end chart
without you finished #16 on the usa year end chart but #3 on the global year end chart
heartbreaker was released in late september but finished #35 on usa year end and #22 on global year end
many examples of her singles performing better on global charts, even heartbreaker spent 13 weeks in the top 5 of UWC while it spent 7 weeks in the top 5 on the hot 100
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