Shall we live-tweet some critical #design #theory? Yes, we shall!

It's Day 4 of "Designs for the Pluriverse" by Arturo Escobar.
Here's days 1 - 3:
What does it mean to #decolonize your🧠, your org, etc?

It means removing #coloniality, "the categorization & hierarchical classification of differences, leading to... suppression, devaluing, subordination, or even destruction." (p 94)

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#Coloniality loves #binaries, which facilitate division, hierarchy, & control

For example:

- civilized/uncivilized
- human/non-human
- male/female
- Black/white

via María Lugones (p. 94)

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Even challenges to colonialism can easily fall into the binary logic.

For example:

- resistance (X vs. Y)
- hybridization (X mixed with Y)
- border-crossing (moving from X to Y)
- assertion of difference (X not Y)

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Lesser-known #binaries of the #colonial worldview:

- reason vs. emotion
- ideas vs. feelings
- real vs. representation
- secular vs. sacred (spiritual)
- science (rationality) vs. nonscience (belief)

via Val Plumwood (p. 95)
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"If not #dualism, if life is always in connection, then what?"

#Relationality, which Kriti Sharma defines as considering things in #interaction instead of isolation. (p. 101)

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Going deeper, #relationality means moving “from considering things in interaction to considering things as *mutually constituted* existing...due to their dependence on other things,” writes Sharma (p. 101)

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"What would it mean to develop a personal & collective practice of #interbeing? How do we innovate w/ postdualist ways of inhabiting 🌏" such that "humans become present to the 🌍 in a manner that is mutually enhancing?" (Thomas Berry, p.102)
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