Comparative analysis of Social Indicators — Gujarat vs UP vs Tamilnadu vs Kerala.

100 Indicators are picked to compare the performance of the states Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu and kerala.

#DravidianModel 1/n
This will give clear picture if which politics care and works for the welfare of people and nationalities. BJP, RSS politics are anti people and regressive as it is evident.

We should resist RSS , BJP at any cost defeat anyone allying with them.

Demographics : Indicators 1-17
Economy : Indicators 18- 42
Education : Indicators 43-67
Healthcare : Indicators 68-89
Social Issues : Indicators 90-100
We have 2 issues primarily
1. Manual scavenging deaths
2. Suicides of Students

Next Govt has to concentrate and fix these 2 with proper solution without prolonging it anymore.

1st should have no place in a civilised society.
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