Marca claiming that Messi has made it known to Barcelona that he wants to go now. He wants to use the clause in his contract (that did expire June 1st) and unilaterally break his deal at Barcelona. He believes he might have a case due to the corona delays, Marca claim.
The message from Lionel Messi has arrived at Barcelona via fax. It is an official statement from him where he has made it known to Barcelona he wants out, according to @Alfremartinezz
The news is being confirmed in Argentina as well. Lionel Messi has told Barcelona he wants to leave
Even more: Messi has made it clear he will not return to training and will not arrive at the pre-season tests at Barcelona.
Emergency meeting called at Barcelona at board level. It's all going down
Barcelona have confirmed to Cadena SER that they have received Messi's statement, and that he has asked to leave. They believe his clause expired on June 10th. Legal battle coming up!
Carlos Puyol tweeting about it:

"Respect and admiration, Leo. You have all my support"
Vero Brunati, who is very reliable on these things, claim that Barcelona are ready to take this to court. They stand firm on Messi's release clause, which is at a staggering €700million
Being confirmed that Barcelona are now preparing a legal reply to Messi's fax today
Luis Suárez also throwing his support behind Lionel Messi, seemingly. Barcelona are seemingly burning down this evening
That's the president of Catalunya thanking Messi for this time in their region, and basically saying his goodbyes
Barcelona fans are now gathering outside of Camp Nou
Barcelona have, according to Cadena SER, answered to Messi's fax by saying they want him to continue, and to finish his career at Barcelona. They also sent a fax
"Bartomeu, dimsion" (Bartomeu, step down) is now being chanted outside of Camp Nou by supporters
Based in Barcelona, and he is reporting that Bartomeu is now seriously considering resigning after the Messi demand
"The circle has ended. Time for a new start. And don't think anymore about what has happened", that is what's being said around Messi's circle, apparently
Bartomeu is DENYING that he has handed in his resignation. The president stays for now, report Sport
The always reliable @gerardromero saying it is Manchester City that would be first in line should Barcelona decide to cash in on Lionel Messi
Marcelo Belcher, the man who broke the Messi news first, saying Messi has decided he wants to play for Manchester City for Pep Guardiola
Today's front pages in Spain:

Marca: "The bomb has gone off: "I WANT TO LEAVE BARCELONA""
AS: "Farewell by burofax"
Mundo Deportivo: "Messi bomb: HE WANTS TO LEAVE""
Sport: "Complete war"

It's a day and a new dawn in Spanish football
Supposedly, this is the burofax that Messi sent Barcelona notifying them of his wish to leave the club, and use his clause to unilaterally break his contract
That’s Barcelona’s sporting director
Manchester City have opened negotiations with Lionel Messi, states @gerardromero . Messi wants two-year contract, and a guarantee Guardiola remains (he has one year left). Former Barcelona director Ferran Soriano doing the negotiations for City
The always very reliable @verobrunati reporting about Man City's interest, but furthermore that also PSG are preparing an offer for Lionel Messi
Fans are LITERALLY breaking into Camp Nou and demanding Bartomeu to leave. This has become total bedlam
La Nacion in Argentina state that Lionel Messi has chosen Manchester City, and they state that he has said in a private conversation that he "is going to talk to Pep to get this all sorted"
A bit from Cadena SER (El Larguero) on Messi's meeting with Ronald Koeman. Messi wanted to know which players Koeman plans to bring in for the upcoming season, but there seems to be uncertainty considering the economic situation. This was BEFORE the burofax
Reported by @verobrunati that Messi will speak in the coming hours
Same source claims that Messi WANTS to leave: with or without Bartomeu at the club
Also that City and Messi have agreed a deal:
Well damn
It is now reported that it is Messi's father, Jorge, and their advisors who want a meeting with Barcelona to find a peaceful solution. Lionel Messi will not speak until then
Pep Guardiola is in Barcelona, it seems
Being reported now that Messi has communicated to Barcelona that he will NOT show up for pre-season tests Sunday. He stands firm on his decision to leave
Cadena SER state they have seen Messi's contract at Barcelona, which states he DOES NOT have to pay a buyout clause of €700million to break his contract for his final year of his contract (which is this season). That year was an optional extension
Considering that every working contract in Spain usually has a buyout clause, and this one does not, it would have to be passed through the legal system. A court would then, according to Cadena SER, determined what they believe Messi's buyout clause is, should he want to break it
As expected, Lionel Messi has NOT showed up for PCR testing ahead of the new season. Seems like Barcelona now have an angry Messi on their hands
The reason for Messi not showing up, relayed by the excellent @marcelobechler , is that he no longer considers himself a Barcelona player, having unilaterally decided to break his contract with the club:
LaLiga are officially siding with Barcelona. They state the clause is still valid, and the only way Messi can leave is if his €700million clause is triggered
Manchester City are ready to offer Lionel Messi a two-year deal, according to Cadena SER
Manchester City director (and former Barcelona player and director) Txiki Begiristain is in Barcelona, according to Cadena SER
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