Want to know why the cost of living continues to go up, year after year?

Want to know how the government can "afford" to pay for endless wars, the war on drugs, the militarized #policestate, and so many other destructive policies?
Want to know why the US government is over $26 trillion in debt, and rapidly rising, or why our #economy bounces between boom and bust cycles, leaving the poor and middle class further and further behind?

The answer to these is very simple: it's because of the Federal Reserve.
The #FederalReserve, or Fed for short, is the central banking system of the US. It controls how much, or how little, money is being printed.

Its main purpose is to lend money to government-approved banks at low-interest rates, so they can lend it to you at higher rates.
Why lend it through middlemen instead of directly to you? Because how else could the big banks #profit off of you?

But it gets worse.
The Fed also prints out trillions of new dollars every year that it lends to the US government so that it can finance #endlesswar and other terrible policies.

You, the taxpayer, have to pay this debt back, with interest of course.
And increasingly, the Fed is directly bailing out banks, airlines, investment firms, and other major corporations.

Who has to pay that back if those businesses still fail? That's right, you again.
Picture a game of Monopoly, where all but one player has to play by the rules, and that one player can have the bank print out as much money as they want to use, and stick the other players with the bill.
That's pretty much how the Fed operates. #Billionaire cronies get as much money as they need, and you have to pay for it.
And since the Fed is printing money out of thin air, it slowly devalues your money over time. Since the Fed was created in 1913, your dollar has lost 98% of its original value.

Imagine if your money was worth 50 times what it's worth now.

That's how much the Fed has robbed you.
Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way.

@Jorgensen4POTUS will audit and #EndTheFed, end government's monopoly on currency, and allow free market providers to compete to give you the most sound, stable currency, which will gain value over time instead of losing it.
And those billionaire cronies? Well, their #taxpayer-funded gravy train is over.
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