I’m March, @CBP stopped processing asylum seekers at ports of entry, but there are still approximately 15,000 asylum seekers’ names on waitlists in 11 Mexican border cities. Our latest metering update: https://www.strausscenter.org/wp-content/uploads/MeteringUpdate_200820.pdf
Importantly, this number only reflects the names on waitlists and may not represent the total number of asylum seekers in border cities. Some asylum seekers have crossed irregularly into the US, returned to their home countries, or moved to other MX cities for work or safety
However, asylum seekers also continue to arrive to border cities albeit in smaller numbers. These asylum seekers may not be registered on waitlists since many waitlists are currently “closed.” Red circles = closed lists. Many waitlists have not added or removed people since March
The largest waitlist continues to be in Tijuana with 9,600 registered asylum seekers. This waitlist has been closed to new entrants since March.
The lack of asylum processing since March has led to long wait times - up to 10 to 11 months in some cities.

As a reminder: this wait time is to merely step foot in US territory and ask for asylum.
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