The World Bank Group, The Global Slavery Machine! #FollowTheMoney
15 April 1912: #RMSTitanic Sinks killing, Jacob Astor (American), Thomas Andrews (British), Ramon Artagaveytia (Uruguay), David Baumann (German) and others, all of them were American and European millionaires/Billionaires who were campaigning against Aldrich plan
December 23, 1913 The US enacts the controversial Federal Reserve Act officially centralizing the American Monetary System
28 Jul 1914 WW1 Begins, on 6th August 1914 The bank of England enacts a law that officially transforms the bank of England from a Gold system to modern currency, so did a number of European Banks except Germany, Russia and a few other countries.. Mostly non allied!
8 March 1917: The Russian Revolution begins, 7 November 1917 the Russian State Bank was disestablished paving way for the People's Bank Gosbank, which centralized control of all industry and Economy of the USSR.
11 November 1918 WW1 ends, German Banking system does not change, huge reparations are imposed on Germany, France and Belgium occupies Germany, Still the system held.
9 November 1918 The German revolution happens, Bolshevik type, a Weimar Republic is formed, the Banking system still held ground, since reparation is paid using gold, the Goldmark currency succumbs to pressure, and become virtually Papiermark
30 August 1924 Germany adopts the Reichsbank an Privately run independent of the Reich government institution.
30 January 1933 Adolf becomes Chancellor of Germany, in 1939 he Nationalized the Bank & renamed it Deutsche Reichsbank, Not much information is available on what he did, debate around his confiscation and Nationalization of Bankers assets are part of the #Holocaustcoust
March 4, 1929 Herbert Hoover takes office, he tried to keep off the FedReserve & Bankers, he come up with a plan to implement a parallel public owned Reconstruction Finance Corporation, This made it possible for Americans to participate in the Bankers Speculative games!
Hoover was able to remodel the American Banking systems from a Private owned system to a hybrid one, He was warned that "the property speculation that a well off population creates would lead to "one of the greatest financial catastrophes that America has ever seen"...
Sep 4, 1929 New York Stocks took a dive followed by Sep 20 London Stock Exchange dip, #stockmarketcrash leads to significant loss of paper wealth i.e Speculative assets, and true to the Bankers words, Americans were returned to Poverty & Hoovers legacy went to shit with the crash
Some of the very insane economic models were used to explain the crash, Keynes for example convinced governments to "Borrow from the Bankers" when the economy is slowing to keep production at the normal level and bring the economy out of recession"
Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression, you're right. We did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again.
— Ben S. Bernanke
The Great depression resulted to the biggest Global Robbery, Every major currency left the gold standard, September 1931: Bank of England stops exchanging pound for gold, now Paper was in-itself GOLD, Power to the Bankers!
Hitler waged attacks against the Bankers in a bid to restock the Bank of the German Reich, Panic hits Europe, Most Bankers started migrating their wealth to the US, Germany was now immune to the tricks of the floating paper currency.
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