Watching a country heading at breathtaking speed toward economic ruin, while the conmen who made this possible pose with hands on hearts & rant about the right to sing Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory at the Proms is really something of a nadir, even by Brexit standards.
This, however, is likely to be our post-Brexit future. Catastrophic misrule, brazen corruption, disaster capitalism running rampant, while all the time charlatans and angry frightened white men shout and scream that their ‘culture’ and ‘history’ are being erased.
Expect this to intensify in direct proportion to our ongoing descent. The worse things get, the more they will scream about ‘cultural security’ and ‘flag, faith and family’ across the board. When the new Murdoch ‘British Fox News’ channel gets off there will be even more of it.
Important therefore to pick the right battles. I don’t know who was responsible for it, but this Proms episode achieves nothing. Just gives the charlatans & culture hysterics more junk food for their outrage, more ammunition for their divisive weaponry.
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