đź‘€ How I Became a 6-Figure Writer đź‘€

In this thread, I'll briefly explain:

1. The steps I took
2. How I kept my costs low
3. How you might be able to do the same

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Step #1: Choosing Writing

In my opinion, writing is the most valuable online business skill

Between content, copy, and scaling, it really can't be beat

I knew that if I became proficient at it, I would get paid, and paid well
Step #2: Building Skills

There's no one book or course that'll make you a good writer

Instead, it's a slow (but worth it) process of reading and writing *daily* until you get better

There are no "hacks" to instantly become good, you just have to put the work in
Step #3: Getting Clients

Roughly three years ago, I didn't have any money

That meant most business models weren't an option

Instead, I had to find a quick and low-cost way to earn

That ended up being freelancing on Upwork
Step #4: Optimization

Writing blog posts for $0.05 cents a word was not what I wanted long-term

So, I expanded my client outreach to LinkedIn and cold email

I also started taking only sales copy jobs (no content) and raised my rates significantly
Step #5: Creating Scalable Income

My two options for scaling were...

1. Converting to an agency
2. Starting a product business on the side

I chose the second because it was more suited to my long-term vision

I then chose Twitter as my primary platform
Step #6: Scaling

My Twitter growth started slow, but I eventually got to 1000 followers

That was mostly done through interacting with larger accounts and befriending them

From there, it was all about content

Early in 2020, I found my voice, and my growth hit a ramp
Step #7: Monetization

I didn't sell a single thing on Twitter until I had 5000 followers

Then, I was an affiliate, but I wasn't making as much as I wanted

Finally, I decided to create my first product, then my second, and my profits exploded

I freelance at $100 an hour

I also earn at least $200 a day with eBooks

Best of all, this is just the beginning, and I'm certain that 10X growth is just around the corner

~~ END ~~

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