🌳Beavers do not destroy trees, they coppice them. This action allows new species to grow through, increasing biodiversity. Trees are easily protected by wrapping wire around them

#MoveDontKill #Beavers
💦Dams reduce flooding downstream & create pools. These pools support 50% more species than other pools, increasing biodiversity. Installing a deceiver will prevent localised flooding

#MoveDontKill #Beavers
💦🌳Digging channels creates wetland habitat, increasing biodiversity.

Beavers = keystone species & ecosystem engineers -> increase biodiversity

Scotland = at risk of losing 11% species, in a biodiversity emergency

#MoveDontKill #Beavers
🆘Sometimes these behaviours cause issues & #beavers are shot under license. Last year 1/5 pop was killed

There is another way -> relocate beavers to areas where they will benefit ecosystems

Please sign the petition to make this possible


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