this is kinda an unpopular opinion i think, but i want to say it because i believe that it’s important. you can disagree/unfollow/block/cancel me or whatever, but this is a place of public discourse in which i am simply sharing my views. to start off, i am+
a teenage black girl living in the suburbs raised in a Christian home. i have experienced trauma in my life and still am working that out. racism though hasn’t really been something big for me. reading books like ‘thug’ by angie thomas was an eye opener, but+
it didn’t reflect my life. i think that if you are white, especially in America, when you read books about poc understand that it is not every black person’s experience. i read books because i like the characters and i relate to characters or it’s a way of+
escaping my own reality. i understand the push to support and spread books with diversity and representation, but, at the same time, i find it bothersome for people reading a book just because an author or the characters are black, gay, trans, muslim etc.
i feel that it reduces them down to those labels rather than the content of their character which is what MLK’s dream was. while there are shared experiences within certain groups of people, we should not make assumtions of them. i support and read what i+
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