Anyone still think I was making too much of the danger of giving Trump and GOP the chance to run against Scarequote Socialism?

It was literally all they talked about last night - "Biden answers to Bernie, Warren, and AOC."

Because there's very little to criticize about Biden
The Bro/Ewok argument that "they're going to say it anyway so we might as well give them a REAL socialist" has always been ridiculous.

They can say it about Biden all they want, but it isn't true, and only the most disingenuous among them can say that with a straight face.

This isn't just about the Presidential race. The Socialist label will be deployed against ALL Democrats up and down the ballot

They use it because it works. 10 yrs later we're still suffering from the fallout from the 2010 shellacking, and ACA wasn't even socialized medicine.
If downballot Dems had to run on a ticket with Bernie or Warren, they'd have a hard time denying it, which would force them into an impossible choice between accepting the label or running against their own party

Plenty of them would choose the latter.
But now they can easily push back.

Joe Biden doesn't want socialized medicine, or "a government takeover of healthcare," as someone called it. He doesn't want to Defund the Police. He isn't going to raise your taxes to pay off privileged people's student loans.

Case closed.

I see you Lefties already squealing in the replies but this is an academic argument at this point.

You lost. Badly.

Bernie and Warren and the fringe left agenda were roundly rejected by the Democratic electorate.

ACA is our vehicle of choice to reach universal healthcare.

So stay mad.

The more you squeal, the more "Warren Dems" differentiate themselves, the more AOC says Biden doesn't belong in her party, the better off Democrats are.

You make the rest of us look normal and sane.

The time for "unity" was 2016. We're working around you now.
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The Bros and Ewoks - The Cosplay Socialists - don't really understand what socialism is.

To paraphrase @DavidMDrucker, they think living under socialism would be just like living in the U.S. today but with more free stuff, and that is NOT the case.
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