What’s that you say? You want to hear my theory on Olaf’s existence in #Frozen? Okay!
Why is he there? Elsa is surprised to see him at the castle so it clearly was an intentional act. Also, why does he have some much more life and personality compared to Elsa’s other snow creation? Here are my answers.
The answer to both is that he contains a part of Elsa’s soul (or what ever you want to call it). He is the literal embodiment of all the fun and play and ability to be open to others that she locked away as a child after hurting Anna.
When she “let’s it go” that includes that part of her soul that she had walked off so long ago. Yes she let’s go of her fears and self-restriction, but she also let’s go of the hope of ever going back to a “normal” life with friends and loved ones.
She resigns her self to being the Queen of Isolation. So the part of her that craves loves and companionship and fun gets sheared away. Boom: Olaf.
This also explains why Olaf knows his name and that he likes warm hugs. It is because he contains a part of Elsa and shares her memories associated with fun and love.
Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.
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