I'm extremely confused by something and i'm gonna work it out here in the hope that either I figured it out or someone uses it to dunk on me and thus tells me the answer but it seems that

most people don't

optimize??????? 👇
Like I just feel deeply confused and it seems that like 90% of solving a confusion is figuring out in precise terms what you're confused about so let's go:
I FEEL, for myself, that life is a hyper-many variable equation that I'm trying to optimize. There's tons and tons of things that matter, tons and tons of ways of going about them, tons of ways to fuck up, a few ways to succeed, and its *so* worth it.
This seems different from what "people in general" are doing? They feel both locally hyper-rational and globally hyper-irrational? Like they either pretend or in fact only have a few variables and are content or drug or deceive themselves into thinking they r w/ satisficing them
And this is just so confusing to me lol. It seems like you have these pockets of people who all act the damn same and the pockets differ from one another, socially, geographically but within them it's like in-pocket similarity super high, between-pocket super low
And also it *seems* like it works? Like they're generally happy and so on
It seems like it stops working when there's a real problem but then they just drug themselves out of it??? Instead of seeking solutions outside of the pocket??? What the fuck??? Is one of their variables 'don't be too different' or 'don't think too different'???
I can't tell if it is I who is cutting to the heart of things or if it is they
i find it hard to relate tbh liek it seems like I'm running a global search and so i find many more things incomplete unsatisfactory etc and then every once in a while mention something weird like "focusing" wooooooooo
now that i think of it the 'return with the elixir' just seems to be 'found the solution slightly outside the local environment search space' but like wtf? are people so tethered to their own thing they can't see outside this? am i a mental globalist? what's going on
it just seems like people blur out VAST swathes of the possibility-space "it couldn't be any other way" YES it could!! it is !! almost everywhere but in your hyper-local group!! there's other solutions out there, you must seek!!
something something xenophobia and xenophilia
i just don't understand 😔 i wanna relate to people but this seems like a huge hurdle

<visa's thread on aliens and robots and so on>
this also makes me confused when talking to them because it's like "well, obviously X" and i'm all like "what about a, b, c , d , e, f ,g? " and like that CLEARLY was not even in their SPACE of considerations. so they have massive certainty while i have mass uncertainty
makes planning very hard because i see all the different ways thigns could be like there just *is* a lot of uncertainty i don't think it's a feature of my mind
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