Hi! I am a PhD student in Geography at @CUGeogPlan & @sustainablecu. I am seeking to understand #Wayúu people* strategies to recover and protect their territory from extractivist projects
*Indigenous group located between #Colombia & Venezuela
Interviews and observation (Jun-Sept 2019) of #Wayúu people, NGOs, foundations, officers from (inter)national institutions. I sought to identify Wayúu territorial struggles, their ways to overcome conflicts and defend their #territory, and key people to lead these processes
I found that: i) Wayúu women are fundamental for territorial recovery and ii) Wayúu strategies to recover and defend their territory would be through legal tools (i.e. claims for minority groups rights in inter/national courts) and/or using #FoodSovereignty elements
#FoodSovereignty would be attained first and support territory recovery because it creates spaces for community participation, encourages dialogues between different actors, gives people agency, (re)builds nature-people connection=fertilizes the ground for territorial claims
This study suggests that #FoodSovereignty exists in confronted territories, appears gradually, is a big tent aim and a means for territorial recovery, where women’s role as mediators, community articulators and participation spaces makers is crucial
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