Today I moderated a panel discussion about gender equity in STEMM in which I just told everyone I'm fed up with all the women in STEM programs and they can pretty much all go in the bin because they focus on individual empowerment instead of system change.

So... there's that...
Not very moderate am I 🤣
I'm not here to shame anyone for being a part of Women in STEM programs that focus on individual empowerment or for taking advantage of these opportunities. I have too!

But women in these programs who ask for more or point out the problematic nature are often not received well.
When I have pointed out the exclusion and inequity innate within Women in STEM programs I have been involved in, I have been accused of being too divisive.

It gets implied I am not making us "stronger together" or that I am not kind enough or grateful enough.

Enough of that!
I refuse to be silenced from speaking about the flaws of the systems I am a part of and the programs that aim to fix me instead of those systems.

I am compassionate. But my compassion is for those that aren't in these programs because of the barriers they themselves can create.
Also this:
It's only because of MY privilege and power that I'm able to be so openly critical of Women in STEM programs.

I am white, Australian, I have a platform and audience AND I do NOT aspire to be a researcher therefore I am not the beholden to powerful people within unlike others.
So often it is fellow white women, especially those who are senior in STEM who are unable to listen and hear and respond to women who raise issues with the problematic and exclusive nature of the Women in STEM programs they create.

This is me calling on other WW to do better.
I guess I've been gaslight by the organisers of Women in STEM programs into thinking this was an unpopular opinion whenever I raise issues of EDI and lack of systemic change...

By the looks of my mentions this is not an unpopular opinion. Just one never taken seriously enough.
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