On USPS sabotage, who might have done if not clueless DeJoy? How about Chair Duncan, former RNC Chair; current board Member of PACs working to elect Trump/keep Senate R; close to McConnell; his former boss mail guy Rove joins Trump campaign in May. https://twitter.com/SimonWDC/status/1294725274542776321
Possible that in the spring McConnell, other party elders begin looking at ways to minimize damage of a Biden blowout. Wrecking USPS/Census becomes partywide play. Shaves 2-3 pts from Ds, keeps Senate close, lessens Dem reapportionment advantage. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/08/trumps-weaponization-usps-and-census/615235/
Scale of the cheating we're witnessing right now in the 2020 election is just beyond comprehension, and the political class, like in 2016, has been slow to realize the intensity and scale of what Trump/GOP are doing.

It just has to become a bigger issue. https://twitter.com/SimonWDC/status/1296418649989939200
Friends, imagine if a Dem President had wrecked the postal service right before an election. Postal Board Chair was David Plouffe, and right as sabotage begins Dem campaign brings in Axelrod to advise on "Battleground States."

Would anyone be confused about what was happening?
Duncan, McConnell, Rove - wrecking USPS/Census to help blunt the damage fr a Biden blowout.

These are moves of party institutionalists in a party which has pulled off FL 2000, illegal redistricting/voter suppression, Merrick Garland, TrumpRussia, Ukraine '19, soiling the WH.
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