Can someone please explain to me what the heck is going on with Queen Liliuokalani’s Trust (LT)? Why are the services closing? Why is land being sold? These actions break the trust of our Queen’s legacy she left for us. Please tell me this isn’t happening.
I was saved by our Queen as a keiki of QLCC. Had it not been for her trust, I wouldn’t have survived the 5 years I was in foster care. All 22 of my foster siblings wouldn’t have made it out of the system. There are soooo many keiki and ‘ohana who LT saves and I cannot fathom this
Punalu’u - Hale Aha closed.
Honolulu Unit closed.

17 acres of ʻāina in Punaluʻu and Papawai Kona ma Moku o Keawe up for sale.
Court case hearing will be held in September was what’s been publicized.

Is this how the Trustee’s intend to honour our Queen on the month of her birthday? 182 years since the birth of our beloved Queen and this is what’s being done to the legacy she left us? Aue!
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