I hope this chaos can stop. Because the situation is getting out of control. The negativity around is just making things worst. Not even 2 years and we're already having antis in our group. I don't know what in return everyone will gain by doing this cult thing. Your making it
Worst. Eng subs, unlimited contents, active tweets from our boys, behind the scenes, back to back comeback, in short we're spoiled and we love it. Things are getting worst. What if all this will starts gradually decreasing. Also there are many who are turning ATINY+
Thinking about how this fandom looks like now at this point. I'm sure half of them would just forget to stan at33z cuz theyll find how chaotic this fandom is. We want At33z to grow and our fandom to grow. Stop with this childish behavior Can't y'all give 1 more chance +
Leader said he will not repeat this mistake. He will prevent such issue from now on. And your starting this new drama cult thing. Don't you believe at33z dont you believe honj00ng's word he means every single word. He has a voice k* will listen to him and the boys.
Stop the drama it's getting out of hand. It's showing more of anti behaviour
Also adding up these too point by @atinytini . Notice this. Today we could have got this ⬇️ Don't be ignorant k* is seeing all the mess. Do y'all want the contents that we get to be gradually decrease. Every Cb we used to get fanchant on the same day or next day. But today ??
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