To ppl who support *fuck kq* cult, u can block me. Go ahead. You were never a part of the lil family.
Also the one stupid post where ppl r claiming I said insensitive stuffs are fake. Their scammer friend used it against me 3 months ago, and never could get new ss.
To my oomfs who follow @/woohwave and @/joyincvlt, pls unfollow them if u support me cuz I have been getting death threats in dms from them. RT this so that other atinys r saved from them. I have been getting anxiety since yesterday abt this.
Also, they made this thread with fake ss and manipulated some of my replies to make me seem like a bad person, why does this grp hate me so much? Pls report this thread, it's fake and manipulative. Oomfs, pls be careful of ppl like these. Report this:
Pls anyone who sees their moots following these 2 accs ask them to unfollow, they r very toxic and manipulative, their minions r very offensive
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