This is the samadhi of great Jain Ācārya Jin Kushal Suri , derawar, Pakistan.

Compare it with the tombs of Mughals, Turks & Arabs invaders which dots our country

He was pioneer in spreading the message of true faith in the region of Sindh amidst wrong belief & voilence
There were serious problems of backsliding among the Jains of Sindh at the time of Jin Kushal Suri's life

Noticing the state of affairs, he toured the entire region in order to revive people’s faith in religion and curb violence.
It is said that because of his extraordinary charisma he was able to bring back 1000s of MS to jainism

In samvat 1381, during his chaumasa when he realized that his life was going to end soon, he retreated in dhyaan grand samadhi was build which was major pilgrimage for jains
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