Clickbait journalism, with caveats hidden in the article.
It has also been reported in Chinese media,
Last year, Google’s research revealed Triada was most likely implanted on a device during the manufacturing process when the vendor opted to use third-party software to deliver features not found in the Android Open Source Project, such as face unlock.
So where is this Triada company based and what's its background information?

And what's the relationship between Transsion and Triada?
According to this story, Triada is likely a Shanghai-based company.
To be fair, the BuzzFeed article didn't specifically name Transsion as the main culprit though the company obviously agreed to pre-install the malwares.
My problem is mainly with sensationalist articles painting all cheap Chinese smartphones as evil actors practicing 'digital colonialism'.
(Maybe I overreacted. End of thread.)
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