I for one will NOT be taking the free test and I don't buy for one minute the horseshit from the #HongKong government about it being a "civic duty." Taking a test is a personal decision as well as one of public concern and each person has to make a decision based on their own... https://twitter.com/rthk_enews/status/1298093945272938503
... individual and unique circumstances. The reasons for me deciding not to do it are; 1) The risks of catching Covid-19 are far higher from queuing up in an enclosed building with lots of strangers than the current social distancing precautions I am taking.
2)The test is only valid for a few days. Having taken a test will not guarantee I can travel to the mainland or Europe or anywhere else without being quarantined at some point in the future or having to take the test again.
3) Mass testing is pointless as long as the border remains open and we allow hundreds of thousands of people to enter HK without testing or quarantine. I am wasting my time as long as the HK government persists with this ludicrous policy.
4) A throat or nose swab is not a pleasant experience. If I were to have it done I would want a highly trained professional doing it. I am not prepared to submit myself to testing by people who are doing this for the first time or who are not competent and experienced.
5)With regards to public considerations, these tests won't contain the outbreak because only about one-third of those infected will be identified. People who test positive are likely to have already spread the virus and those in the incubation period won't be identified.
6) Finally I have no trust or confidence in the government's ability to protect my personal information or data. That is a result of the lies and disingenuous behavior from this administration over the past couple of years.
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