I very well may never understand, but people undermining someone's recovery is not a good look. You don't know how/what they're doing to recover nor do you know what their body heals like. Please for your own sake, never judge someone's recovery and how they're living their life
its pretty upsetting to see your own recovery be a topic when no one has any clue
I tried to be as transparent as possible about my recovery but only like tweet about the important parts. because so many people care for me and support me so I wanna show them how much happier this surgery made me and how it improved my quality of life
Also like how am I supposed to know how long I need to recover?

I don't? So I asked for a longer recovery time to make sure I had enough time to travel and if applicable go back to the surgeon for an emergency
With Top surgery the first three weeks are very crucial and I barely left the couch during those three weeks
I gave myself hardcore resting essentially so that I can be better and more independent when I went back to Orlando
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