A class could be taught on Turkey's Communication Directorate's film on Turkic conquests from Manzikert to victory over July 15 coup. Nationalism, religion, uniformity, weaponry, Hagia Sophia+of course, ending with Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque-It's all here.
Seeing such a video one can really start to enter mindset of some of Erdogan's staunchest supporters, who believe the Ottoman's glorious days are just around the corner. The convergence of nationalism+religion is the way+it really leaves no room for any diversity in the country.
However, I can vouch, as of last week when I was there, I saw no warriors on horseback+while Turkey's relative success in Syria and Libya has allowed it to raise its head, as we saw w/transformation of Hagia Sophia to a mosque, the country is deeply divided+w/hard economic times.
What I think is most worrying however is that due to Erdogan's weakening among more moderate factions, he is becoming completely dependent on fringe disillusioned groups. And, unfortunately, his dependence created an echo chamber where they are the sole voice. Hard days ahead.
Of course much of what I am saying is not "new." However, it is now solidified. And let's face it, Turkey really stands strong among much of the Middle East among many of the downtrodden (one of the only country that actually still waves the flag of justice for the Palestinians).
Now we are often quick to point the hypocrisy in them supporting Palestinians but having strong economic ties w/Israel. Hopefully I will dedicate an article on Turkish-Israeli ties soon. I try to write one every 1-2 years to update my thoughts. One really needed now. Stay tuned.
To end, this ultra nationalistic rhetoric exhibited is meant to send shock waves to certain groups+pride to pro-gov followers, however, it also reveals an amount of weakness. Compare Turkey now to 2010, and you will get your answer. Today is certainly not Turkey's strongest days.
(and, I myself will need to think some of these things over. of course, what do I mean when I say "strongest."--and how does one compare today to 2010." Of course, the obvious conclusion is we are here today because of 2010+the shortcomings of the AKP actually in these years).
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