Imagine with me that Ochako has this really cute knockoff purse, and she's had it forever. She doesn't know what the main brand is meant to be, but she got it at a flea market or something.

One day the bag has had enough and breaks.
And she's sad, of course she's sad. But what can you do? She'll just get another purse next time she's out.

Only... Momo stops her before she can go and just... hands her a purse.

And it's fucking like... a fucking name brand Val/entino or something.
"This is the same kind as yous, right? I've had in it my closet forever, I never used it though."

This bag costs more than Ochako even wants to think about. She doesn't know what to say.

"It's not exactly like yours, yours was much cuter, but this is similar enough, right?"
And Ochako wants to scream, but not in anger or delight, just... scream.

"Mo, I can't... this is too expensive!"

"It was free though? And a gift, take it. You need a bag."


And Todoroki walks by with one of those tragic plastic pineapple cooler mugs and smiles.
"Best to just take it, 'Chako, if not she'll fly you out to a Gucci store and make you pick out a purse that costs more than my father pays me in blackmail money."

"For the last time, Shouto, it's an allowance, not blackmail money!" Izuku shouts from somewhere in the dorm.
Ochako's still staring at this purse in her hands and she doesn't know how to respond. She wants to cry, but... she really does love the way this purse looks.

"Let me buy you coffee or something, to say thank you?" Ochako tries.
"Oh don't be silly, just... send me a picture of you enjoying it!" Momo says with a bright smile. "Oh, do you need new shoes to go out? Come with me, I have spares in my closet."

And this /keeps/ happening to the girls. It's not just Ochako. It's all of them.
And at one point, Mina, who we all know and love, we stan a queen, thinks 'How far can I push this?'

"Hey, Mo?"

"Yes, Mina?"

"Can we go nightgown shopping?"

And Momo whips around and her eyes /light up./

"/Yes!/" She almost shouts. "I want to put you in the Illusion gown!"
And the next thing Mina knows is she's in a name brand lingerie store in Paris, standing in front of a floor length mirror while a delicate woman with fresh cat tail flowers in her hair measure her boobs. There's lace and silk and sheer fabric that drapes and Mina is shocked,
"My tits look /amazing?!?/" She wants to slap her hands on her boobs and squeeze, but they look to pretty to mess up.

"They've always been beautiful, you've just never had the right bra." Momo admonishes. "Now, try this one on."

She pulls out this sheer robe lined with fur.
Mina will never look at the pricetags of any of these because if she does she'll have a stroke. As she shoulders on the housecoat she realizes she looks like a murderous housewife.

She looks hot.

"Well damn, I'd fuck me," Mina admits.

"Same." Momo nods.

"What?" Mina blinks.
"What?" Momo smiles, entirely innocent. Mina probably imagined that.

She gets home and Momo bounds off to join Shouto and the rest of the 1% club, and Momo stares at her bags and looks at the girls and says as quietly as she can.

"Is Momo our Sugar Momma? Are we her babies?"
"I mean," Tsuyu plays with the very expensive hair clips keeping her ponytail in place, "yes."

"I think if I asked her to buy me a house in the Caribbean, she'd say yes," Hagakure says dreamily. "Oh, can I try this on?"

"Please do." Mina looks over at Momo and hums, curious.
"What?" Jiro asks, fingers tucked through the belt loops of her very expensive vintage jacket that Momo bought her two weeks ago.

"How do you properly say thank you to your sugar momma?" Mina wonders. "I mean, she already has the money."
"She told me to just send her pictures of me enjoying what she buys me." Ochako says, shrugging in a top that costs more than her rent used to.

"Yeah, same here." Jiro says, opening the jacket to fan it out.

Mina hums, then looks down at her bags.

Then she looks up and grins.
"We need to go bra shopping." Mina decides, grabbing Ochako's arms. "Momo! Ohako needs new bras!"

"Oh! Me too!" Hagakure says excitedly.

"I wouldn't mind that, mine are getting a little old," Tsuyu states.

"I don't really... wear them, but... you know, sure?" Jiro mutters.
Momo turns and looks happier than they've ever seen her. "Oh! I'd love that! We'll go lingerie shopping again tomorrow!" She turns back as Shouto snorts at her.

"Why do we need new bras?" Ochako whispers.
"Because we're going to send Momo pictures of us enjoying what she buys us," Mina whispers back.

"You mean nudes," Jiro says flatly. "You want to send Momo Yaoyorozu /nudes./"

"That jacket costs more than my kidney does and Momo just /bought/ it for you," Mina says pointedly.
"Well yeah, but-" Jiro is cut off by Ochako.

"I want to send nudes!" She sounds excited. "I've always wanted to try, but I've never thought anyone would actually /want/ to get them, you know?"

Jiro stares at her in confusion. "Ochako, shut the fuck up."
"What?" Ochako flushes.

"You have the prettiest tits I've ever seen in my life," Jiro says pointedly.

"Yeah, they are pretty great," Tsuyu admits.

"I've dreamed about motor boating you tons of times." Mina shrugs as she says it. "They're like stunning pillows."
"You guys!" Ochako covers her face.

"I absolutely want to take nudes, I've had tons of practice." Hagakure says with a smile.

Mina snorts. "You would." She reaches out and pulls Hagakure into a hug. "Nudes it is!"
And that's the story about the time Momo became a Sugar Momma.

It's also the time she got a bunch of nudes all at once while talking to Shouto, who laughed so hard at how red she got that he caught fire. Izuku had to douse him with a fire extinguisher.

It was eventful.

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