Collecting key COVID-19 emerging facts to highlight key questions the Australian government has never provided satisfactory responses to in their mindless pursuit of policies that are killing our country ...
#1: First Line of Defence
- Vitamin D levels need to be up to improve immunity
- Daily exercise can improve immune system
- Being outside improves immune system
- Politicians / experts do not promote measures to improve immune systems – why?
#2a: Therapeutics (Second Line of Defence)
- HCQ + Z +Anz. as a prophylactic as has no downside risk, is inexpensive, and anecdotal evidence suggests it works – proven medicine for 60+ years
- 55+ recent medical studies show HCQ + Z + Anz. taken early is beneficial vs. 4 not...
#2b: Therapeutics (continued)
- Numerous other therapeutic options exist and anecdotal evidence suggests they also work
- Therapeutics not being pursued in Australia despite large amount of evidence that supports their use and potential to save lives – why?
#3a: Vaccines are a long-shot & don't fix anything
- Vaccine not yet proven, timing of when it will be available is uncertain
- Pharmaceutical companies fund Australia political parties
- Vaccine for COVID would be utterly lucrative business for big pharma
#3b: Vaccines (continued)
- China, Europe, some states of US back to business without vaccine
- May not be so effective on the elderly (the part of the population most at risk)
- May in general only be 50%-70% effective & won’t eradicate COVID
#3c: Vaccines (continued)
- A vaccine will not fundamentally alter the risk of death table [below] nor will it eradicate COVID yet politicians are promoting a vaccine as the only solution – why?
#4: Antibodies
- Another line of research is the use of antibodies and developing anti body serum to protect immune systems
- Antibody technologies and methods not being pursued in Australia - why?
#5a: Lockdowns
• Extremely costly to the economy and to livelihood of people
• Only purpose was to buy time to prepare hospitals for upward surge in critical cases
• A blunt measure that doesn't stop the spread, only slowed it
#5b: Lockdowns (continued)
• At best lockdowns cripple the economy, destroy lives and don’t stop the virus
• No Australian politician has ever presented a cost-benefit analysis to support lockdowns for longer than a brief period – why?
#6a: Testing & Case Numbers
• Accuracy of tests & what they test is not clear – many types of test exist
• False positives and varying levels of sensitivity to virus gives misleading results
• (To be verified) high % test cases are for those who took flu shots recently
#6b: Testing (continued)
• Only way to accurately know the current situation would be to test every member of the population multiple times within a short period of time – this is impractical - therefore a complete picture of infection can never be formed
#6c: Testing (continued)
• Total case numbers / infection rates are unreliable
• Test cases can only provide a limited window into what is going on
• Politicians and experts have based decisions on highly unreliable test case numbers – why?
#7a: Death rates
• Misclassification of the deceased who may have co-morbidities leads to inaccurate reporting of deaths – those with symptoms reported as COVID
• In some places there are financial incentive tied to COVID deaths
#7b: Death rates (continued)
• Even with the miscounting the death rates of countries with high exposure have just “faded out” over time [see chart]
• Epidemiologists: “viruses usually run their course” and not much can be done about it in the long-run
#7c: Death rates (continued)
• Epidemiologists: Viruses can can disappear altogether (reasons are not fully understood)
• Statistically, the older segment of the population and those with co-morbidities are at risk
#7d: Death rates (continued)
• No Australian politician has yet formed a policy to protect the most at risk parts of the population – why?
#8a: Big Tech Censorship
• Doctors who offer anecdotal evidence and support for therapeutics are banned / removed social media platforms
• Epidemiologists who countered the narrative on lockdowns banned / removed from social media platforms
#8b: Big Tech (continued)
• Why is nothing being done about Big Tech censorship ... why are they behaving as if they know more than scientists and medical staff with on ground experience?
#8c: Continuation of Tech Censorship
#9: Influenza Comorbidity Rate is Similar to COVID Comorbidity Rate

Comorbidity rate of Influenza = 92% [See Table 3 in Link, reproduced below]

Comorbidity rate of Covid = 94% [Refer to CDC website]
#10: Protect the Vulnerable:

Trump talking about protecting the vulnerable:
#14: What does the Smart Money Say

Stock markets have hardly reacted to news of poor economic performance and the tales of horror that are continuously pumped out by the Mainstream Media and Fakenews ... this suggests that the smart money says that COVID is a pile of shit
#15: More on Test Case Accuracy (or Rather Inaccuracy)
#16: Investigative Nurse
#17: Disappearance of influenza - what is going on?
#18: More Virus fade out

#19: Sweden vs. Past Flu Seasons
#20: Aged Care Facility Deaths

90% of deaths in Australia are in nursing homes. Yet compared to 2019, the overall death count is lower ... wonder why
#21: Ridk of death table for #COVID19
#22: Classification of Deaths
Victoria suddenly finds an extra 50-odd COVID deaths from months back... wtf!?!?!
#23: ramping up testing by a factor 5 or more ahead of planned protests & policy announcements... why ?? False positives? Test kits in Victoria purchased from where?
#24: letter from Doctors to Daniel Andrews about Covid restrictions
#25: Mainstream Media / Fake News Waking up on death classifications ??? #COVID19
#26: COVID-19 As a Psy-Op:
Controlled Speech: Tech Censorship / Cancel Culture
Controlled Body: Elbow Bumps, Lockdowns, Curfews, ...
Controlled Mind: MSM Brainwashing, FF's, Experts, ...
Controlled Existence: Vaccine, Genocide, Depopulation, ...
#27: yet more HCQ+a+z evidence
#28: death rates (Victoria)
#30: More on the correlation between Covid and a lack of Vitamin D3 —-

See also item #1 on this thread ...
#31: protect the vulnerable ... a recurring theme that our politicians seem to never do anything about ...
#32: More on therapeutics/ treatments ... Australia’s politicians don’t want to know about these as solutions ... why?
#33: HCQ effective against any airborne virus - that sounds like it might be a good all-purpose solution (eg. Protection against different strains..)
#34: got a Positive Covid Test result? Oh it may be from your last one or two flu shots ... FFS
#35: Israeli Physicians Argue Against Lockdowns in Favour of an Approach to Focus on Protecting the Vulnerable

Argues that lockdowns just slows the spread and infections reappear later...
#36: Covid Modelling & Predictions

The modelling continues to be really suspect:

Nice article here on the latest Victorian modelling effort:
#37: Yet More on HCQ+A+Z... the amount of evidence for this as a treatment is staggering ... yet Australia has taken actions to keep this treatment off limits [at the same time telling us that COVID-19 is so bad the economy must be locked down]
#38: Second Waves - No Deaths the Second Time Around

The Case-Demic Phase
#39: Paper on Statistical Analysis of Lockdowns (shows they don't really make sense based on analysis of data for ~50 countries + USA states)
#40: Effectiveness of Lockdowns: Sweden, Belgium, Peru

Sweden: No Lockdowns 577 deaths / million
Belgium: Light Lockdowns 854 deaths / million
Peru: Heavy Lockdowns 898 deaths / million
#41: crap black box modelling
#42: An alternative approach - from doctors and practitioners
#43: more work showing lockdowns are useless
#44: negative o impacts of lockdowns ... CDC director comments
#45: test kits ... what are they testing? Are they reliable?
Who tests the test kits??
#47: Yet more evidence that shows lockdowns don’t work:
#48: Case-demic raging on

Nice analysis of mostly European countries. Discussion of USA's second wave - basically driven by the southern states experiencing their first wave ...
#49: Do Masks Work?

I've stayed away from the policy on masks in this thread but this link is quite interesting on the great mask debate:
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