Princeton Council voted to start a "Slow Streets" program earlier this year, but New Jersey Department of Transportation shut it down just before it was supposed to start. I have a question in to Council tonight about what the town is doing to try to resolve this problem...
NJDOT cited a legal opinion from 1955 that towns did not have the authority to restrict traffic, even on local roads, without the approval of the Department. As such, they said that Princeton could not start a "Slow Streets" program, because it limits road use to local traffic...
However, I am curious about what options the town is exploring to try to find a way forward, that might allow the "Slow Streets" program to finally get started. Note: "Slow Streets" programs already exist in many NJ towns, and afaik NJDOT has not shut them down.
Based on the responses from the Mayor and Council President just now, it seems that Princeton's proposed "Slow Streets" Program is dead.
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