As I’m pretty sure I fall into the very large category of those Mr O’Toole pledged to “take Canada back” from, I feel the need to make an evidently partisan statement.

My Canada includes POC, all immigrants, lefties, lgbtq2s, & recognizes the Treaty Land we all stand on.

My Canada includes those who seek to preserve the environment, who want clean water & air for both today & future generations.

My Canada includes diversification of our economy with careers that look to the future with potential & provide a living wage.

My Canada includes women & acknowledges the glass ceiling. It recognizes that some barriers affect us more often & more heavily than men. It recognizes that misogyny is systemic.

My Canada includes all those who identify as women & ensures ALL women have access to safe spaces
My Canada includes proper & fully funded public healthcare for all.

My Canada includes full pharmaceutical coverage for all as we recognizes that the often staggering price is a barrier to care.

My Canada includes a system of taxation that does not provide significantly lower rates to profitable corporations than that of people.

My Canada does not incentivize offshore tax havens for the top 1%.

And finally but most importantly,

My Canada recognizes that the use of the phrase “taking Canada back” inherently assumes that “some” Canadians aren’t included & shouldn’t be allowed a voice.

My Canada is not a divisive dog whistle of exclusion, fear & hate.

I ❤️ ALL 🇨🇦

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