🏴: #OccupyCityHallALLFALL

🌎: Every US City

⌚️: Begins: September 1st, 2020

©️: We, the People

ℹ️: It’s time we emulated Portland.


We need to stop kidding ourselves. Progress made to #DefundThePolice has so far been a joke. At this rate, we’ll be lucky to see any noticeable change during our lifetime. So much for reimagining policing, eh? Meanwhile, Black Americans continue to be butchered by the police. https://twitter.com/bpdisciples/status/1297796445106397186
What is more, Biden and Harris want to increase funding for the police state should they claim victory this November. Ironically, the one set to cut funding for law enforcement is their opponent, Donald Trump. Whichever be the “lesser of two evils,” it seems both options put us https://twitter.com/sleepydjango/status/1296969729274347523
on the pathway to Hell. This comes as no surprise to those who long ago abandoned the DNC, and even less so to the far left. After all, what else is to be expected from a ticket consisting of the architect for the notorious ‘98 crime bill and the former top cop of California?
Matters of the police state notwithstanding, Biden can’t even bring himself to endorse Medicare for All, the only sufficient health care solution to the #SARSCoV2 pandemic at this point. Furthermore, unemployment continues to rise, projected to reach Great Depression levels soon.
To make matters even worse, Congress has definitely shown itself not to give a damn about the American people, all but daring us to do something. As such, Congress has shown itself to not only not give a damn, but that it also does not fear us—AT ALL. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/17/powell-unemployment-depression-25-percent-264500
It is time WE, the People, start standing up for ourselves. No one is going to save us. The goal right now is to survive. What soon have we left to lose? Revolution is the only way now. The unthinkable is upon us—surreal, I know—but this opportunity is fleeting! We must act NOW!
September 1st, 2020 is #DOOMSDAY. An eviction crisis looms and many are soon to be homeless, hungry and sick, as a pandemic ravages our communities—another catastrophic government failure. So, what are we waiting for? Time‘s up: it is literally DO or DIE. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/08/23/economy-federal-benefits-low-wage-workers/
We have our date, already:

September 1st is the next #GeneralStrike2020:

⭐️ #GeneralStrikeSeptember1 ⭐️

Word has already been sent out by @genstrike_2020, et al:
In addition to a general strike, the People must take back the reigns of government. The Portland Protests provide the only feasible roadmap forward: a war of attrition. We must starve the system that has robbed so many Americans of their livelihoods and futures.
We must do so at the local level, albeit in solidarity with one another. Let September 1st be known as #SeptemberSuperStrike: the day every municipality across the US rose up and marched on city hall. We will march on city hall and demand immediate government action! And why not?
Enough is enough, do you not agree? If so, then retweet this. Organizers, put the word out. Begin preparations for a march on city hall in order to establish autonomous zones in the courtyard of every city hall. Plan to #OccupyCityHallAllFall until the following demands are met:
If Portland, OR can sustain protests for 90+ days straight, then there’s no reason the rest of us can’t do it. We will do so by building #Solidarity, #Community and #MutualAid.

September will be forever known as:


We are tired of waiting. Let’s do this!
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