What is doubly sad about the new revelations about #JerryFalwellJr (infidelities, the "pool boy," etc.) is his longstanding opposition to #LGBTQ people.

The most vociferous opponents to LGBTQ people are often conflicted about their own sexuality, or not as chaste as they claim.
Why is this so?

Many psychologists have told me that fierce opposition often comes from someone who is not only opposed morally, but also has difficulty with his or her own sexuality or sexual expression. It's easier to impose "order" on the outside rather than on the inside.
Likewise, in another arena, in the case of self-hating gay men, the anger (or fear) they feel about their own homosexuality is more easily directed outward. Some of the most vocal opponents in the Catholic Church to LGBT people are so-called "ex-gays" or "recovering gays."
You don't need to be Dr. Freud to see these things in action. Just a few weeks ago, I received a sincere message from a young man who had attacked me online for my ministry to LGBTQ Catholics a few years ago. He had recently come out as a gay man and wanted to apologize.
I don't wish Mr. Falwell ill in any way, nor do I enjoy seeing his fall from grace. Nor should anyone.
But it's infuriating to witness, once again, revelations like this from someone who set himself up as an opponent to LGBTQ people because of their supposed immorality. Jesus reserved his harshest critiques for religious leaders who "imposed heavy burdens" in just this way.
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